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Review: Strange Activity
Author: ReXX
Added: 15/08/2002

Not all games have to be huge and detailed to be fun. Strange Activity porves this, but leaves you feeling that this is a bit rushed.


The graphics, while being edits of South Park sprites (I assume), have a kind of cartoony quality. The graphics are consistent, and although they are lacking in detail, they get the job done.


Armed with only your trusty Cult 45 handgun, you take on hoards of zombies trying to take over the town. The gameplay in Strange Activity is quite fun, although it does get quite repetitive over time. I liked the way the zombies show damage every time they are shot. Blood splatters across the floor, and they lose an eyeball, part of their face, even their heads, leaving disembodied legs running after you with blood spurting from them. This little detail adds a lot more fun to the game. On later levels, there is a greater sense of urgency, rying to shoot and reload as quickly as you can to take out groups of zombies.


This is one of Strange Activities weaker points. Although it isn't terribly repetitive due to the 2 bosses and the Zuback Machine-gun you get later on in the game, Strange Activity is very short. It took me a matter of minutes to finish the game. More levels and storyline would be a great improvement.


A fun little blast, even if it doesn't last long.


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