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Review: Unknown Game 1414
Author: Tempyst
Added: 20/08/2002

Well, this is the new incarnation of Danger Area. Lets take a looksy, hmm?

First, on a personal note, I think the author took the criticism very professionally. This contrasts well to the usual 'OMG YUO SUCK'. He took me, Anthony, and Danny's suggestions to heart and included many of them. Good job.

Graphics are still the same. A tad weird looking, but it works.
Playability has been improved greatly. Movements been switched to a 8 directional method with an aiming reticle. Its a tad clunky, but I can see where the author is going with this. Bullet time is now quite helpful, allowing you to take more careful shots and avoid incoming fire. He also fixed the title.
The new music is quite good. I was all 'hullo I'm headbanging'.
This game and the author has considerable amounts of potential. I'll bump you up 2 points from my original score of three.


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