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Review: Khameleon
Author: Max
Added: 20/08/2002

I don't feel like filling this first usual line of text, so let's jump straight in the review.


The game's presentation is rather weak. No sound effects, no music, a plain menu screen, and no explanation of the game's mechanics or anything. You're just thrown out in the wild, wondering what you've got to do. Luckly, the game's pretty easy to understand and play. Graphics are a bit weak.


The aim of Khameleon is to control a ball through the levels in order to snatch the keys and open the exit gate. However, there's obstacles which forbids you from doing so, such as lava pools, water pools and green-like blocks with an X on it. To roll over these obstacles you need to roll over the colored blocks which shall protect your ball against one of the obstacles. You gotta alter with the colors and protections to make it past the level. However, this puzzle concept is just too limited and doesn't make for challenging puzzles. More different puzzle concepts would have helped the game a bit. The only difficulty involved in the levels is finding out that invisible item/fake wall so you progress. This is a bad way of constructing a puzzle game, since you've gotta make the luck aspect as small as possible and make the player to use his logic. With the few mechanisms in the game, it's impossible to build a hard enough puzzle to make the player think about the way to follow.


It won't take long before you finish the game. Once you're done with the 16 levels, you won't replay this game again. Maybe some people will try the editor, but I hardly think that any good puzzles will be created out of it.


Khameleon is not a bad puzzle game, but it's got quite some work ahead in order to become a really good puzzle game. On a side note, this actually reminds me my first ever released game, which is a prequel of my game Halway Deathtrap, which you can find somewhere on DC, so I guess it's a good thing. It's a good effort nonetheless and is reasonably fun to play, but this puzzler's not deep enough to satisfy the puzzle fan.


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