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Review: Storm Master
Author: Shen
Added: 31/08/2002

In Storm Master, you must shoot enough raindrops falling from the sky to get to the next level. If enough raindrops hit the ground you lose. In the next level the raindrops are slightly faster. That pretty much sums up Storm Master gameplay-wise. It's not great.

The presentation is... OK ingame. The raindrops are pretty good, but in my opinion the menu screens need loads of work - there's a shadowed text box saying 'Storm Master' at the top, with one option - Play. And you may also find that there's no instructions for this game - you have to work it out as you play.

But you won't play it for long, as it's just too repetitive. The levels are the same, only harder. The movement of the droplets is random, so it's mainly a case of moving left and right shooting as fast as you can, and hoping for the best.

I'm not sure of many ways to improve this. Improve the menus, add a help option, maybe add a 3D rendered background, but ADD SOME VARIETY. Doing the same thing time after time is not the way to a gamer's heart.


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