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Review: Bouncing Ball
Author: Shen
Added: 05/09/2002

I wrote an article some time ago about breakout games. This game follows all the topics in this article, and comes up OK in all areas:

The graphics suit the game well, they're not simple, or overly fancy. The sound is good, but there's no music in the menus or ingame. However, I do think the menus could be better, with some help and high scores instead of 'Press right mouse button to continue'.

The gameplay is also good - you can control the ball with the sides of the paddle, but it uses two actives for the paddle, and uses Mouse Movement, which lowers the score a bit. There are powerups, good and bad, but there is no help screen so I'm usually reluctant to get any. There are 20 levels, but no level editor. However, the levels are good and suitably varied.

In my opinion, this is good, but it could be improved.


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