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Review: Unga Bunga
Author: One Blue Gandalf
Added: 11/09/2002

First I was repelled, then I was attracted, and after three days of playing I am now hooked on Unga Bunga. Here's the complete scoop:

The game's presentation is quite bad. First of all you get the shareware notice: *ick*. Secondly, the game's engine isn't too great, and combined with little useful documentation, it takes a while to figure out how you're really supposed to play (i.e. enjoy) the game. I think this is where a lot of people got turned off, and it's why I was at first repulsed by the game. I did, however, like the concept, so I downloaded it and gave it a try.

Giving it a try turned out to be a very smart move. Once I really got a hold of the basic idea, messed around with all the game modes, figured out how exactly the technology advances worked, etc., and got over my gripes with the platform engine, it started to be okay. And then I tried it MULTIPLAYER with a couple of my friends: this is where the game shines. I'm even thinking It's longevity as a multiplayer deathmatch game will be longer than such classics as Liero. And then it has the (not so special) single player mode.
let's you customize everything! It's got a nice simple interface, and If you mess around with this feature a bit you can build some truly different and fun game experiences. Playing deathmatch (the best game mode) with the options set to "Death combo" for example, is great fun. Going along with this, there are 9 very different levels to play on.

Unlike standard deathmatch games, you get to hunt and stuff, which adds a twist. There are moose, bears, and philistine hordes that attack from time to time. You can hide in the bushes or the trees.

There's a technology tree, which adds a whole lot to the game: the more you hunt, the more technology you get; the more technology you have, the more weapons you get to use. One strategy is to try to advance faster than you enemies, get a better weapon, and then pound heads. A counter strategy is to pound the other guy while he's hunting and not paying attention. Speaking of weapons, there are some pretty cool ones: the bow and arrow allows you to control speed and direction, and you can pour hot coals down tree trunks onto another caveman's head!
The platform engine used isn't great at all: it just doesn't have that nice smooth feeling. Also, I had a thing where the third caveman's "move left" key wouldn't work while other keys were being pushed down.

The game's single player highscore mode quickly becomes boring (although you do feel compelled to play over and over again to see how high a score you can get): this is really a multiplayer game.

Overall, the game is not quite professional quality (hardly to be expected): graphics and sound, while quite funny, are not really professional level, and the gameplay has a rough edge.
Finally, the whole shareware thing isn't a big deal: there are no cut features, and you can play it as long as you wish. Don't let this turn you off.

Last word: If you download this game, and play around with it MULTIPLAYER (this is the key: play it with other people), you will a happy person before long--guaranteed.


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