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Review: Dr. Wreflengo's Castle
Author: Shen
Added: 16/09/2002

I didn't like this game. At all. For a start, it uses the Klik and Play library sprites. The title screen uses text objects in a font you can't read, and it uses the standard platform movement in such a way you can hardly control the character.

The object of the game is to collect objects, then a key, and go to the exit. I've only managed to see one level, then actually gave up because of all the bugs. And, um, you make a funny noise when pressing up. Great.

Because it uses the standard platform movement and the Quasimodo sprite, he seems to jump some times when you move left. There's a huge bug in the first level where you get stuck in the ceiling because of this. Also, in the first level, you have to break two blocks with two dynamites. However, you can;t get through without jumping, and with the platform movement jumping and shooting without the bullet going in some weird direction is t-r-i-c-k-y.

How to make better? Do your own sprites, for one thing. Yeah, I know, not everyone can sprite as good as some people (or as bad as I can) but if you play around for a bit you might come up with something good. NEVER use the library graphics.

Also, improve the jumping, or possibly make your own platform engine! I've written two articles about this for all platforms. Make it a bit easier, or with a 'tutorial' level to get you started. Try getting some beta-testers for it, to iron out the bugs in it. And play it through first.


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