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Metroid Return To Zebes
News posted Today by Liquixcat Post A Comment
Hey all, woo! something new to post. Getting a bit tired of scraping the past.

The MPP has uploaded Metroid Return To Zebes.

From the description: "The metroids are threatening to destroy the galaxy. They have already invaded many planets... And destroyed many along the way. Men, women, children... dead. Now Saumus Aran travels to planet Zebes in search for the source of this evil. Let the journey beginů "

Hope all is well with you all. Merry Christmas!

Click here to download it..

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Stargirl and the Thief from the Exploded Moon
News posted 5th December, 2017 by Liquixcat 5 Comments
So I'm going to just cut to the chase, Bernie uploaded it. I think that's about all you really need to know.

Download it, seriously.

Have any of you heard of Firefly 3D? It's a neat extension for Fusion 2.5 which gives you a nice and powerful 3D Irrlicht engine. It's worth checking out for sure.

Fusion 3 news? Of course I have it. But I'm not telling, I'll never tell! Maybe next week.

Lost Valley
News posted 2nd December, 2017 by Liquixcat 6 Comments
Although I'm sure this has been mentioned at least twice before ...

Lost Valley! by MIG2.

What a treat of a game, and just in case you've missed it here it is in all its kliking glory. It's even being hosted by us because it made the prestigious Klik Museum.

Did you know I'm fueled by comments on my news posts? When I log in and see comments I get giddy like a kitty. So come on, don't be shy. Let's smash that Satan Sam record!

New Poll
News posted 27th November, 2017 by Liquixcat 5 Comments
New poll. How often do you visit The Daily Click? I will naturally assume all those who don't vote come here every single day. What about you though?

New game out from The MPP called Mine Avoider. I assume it has something to do with avoiding Cats, you can't really be sure until you play it.

Have a great week!

HatMan 2
News posted 23rd November, 2017 by Liquixcat 1 Comment
You can't go wrong with a Bibin game, can you?

From the page because I can't be bothered:
This game makes much more sense if you've played the original HatMan; while the game is just fine on its own it's a good bit tougher - while you can probably run through all the levels very quickly to get to the end, it'll take quite a bit more work and precision to get all the bonuses; getting a high score is contrastingly difficult from the original game.

Anyways, just download it.

Member Appreciation
News posted 18th November, 2017 by Liquixcat 4 Comments
I'm going to occasionally do a member appreciation post. This will be a member who I always see around, who's always trying to keep the conversation going and has never caused me grief (most important obviously).

Special thanks to UrbanMonk

As always (let's pretend this isn't the first time I've done this) the amazing reward will be 10,000 DC Points; which of course roughly translates to nothing. Oh! But you get this front page celebrity!

Really though, thanks mate.

The (very old) new SatanSam
News posted 13th November, 2017 by Liquixcat 17 Comments
I went out of my way to update the link for this download because it's definitely one of the best games I've ever played on this site.

Not clicking this link is bad for you.

Shout out to James who will likely never notice this post. Last active 68.5K hours ago...

Now we wait for Tormishire.

I forgot November 5th
News posted 7th November, 2017 by Liquixcat 3 Comments
Happy November all, hope your mustaches are growing in nicely!

Today I have a special treat, an older game, but it still checks out:

Blobs Adventure 2

But you already know what that is, so here's a nice fast download link so you don't have to click two entire links.

Download Blobs Adventure 2

I know you're all imagining a world where Solgryn used an apostrophe properly, but we'll just need to move on!

Why am I not using images? Well frankly it's a huge pain in the butt. Just enjoy the news posts!

Back to the past
News posted 30th October, 2017 by Liquixcat 3 Comments
I'm going to take you back to the past,
and play those sh[The rest of this post has been removed for copyright reasons]

Hey, do you guys remember Lyle in Cube Sector? Well, I do. Eh, whaddaya know the download still works!

Let's go back to the past boys and girls!

A Hallow weeny rhyme
News posted 21st October, 2017 by Liquixcat 9 Comments
It's been so quiet for nearly a year
No admin in site, and users in fear
I'm here to change that as you can see
So download Deep Castle right here with me.

Happy Hallowe'en and Mario Odyssey Month, hope you're all having a wonderful time!

Best Wishes!

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