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Author: Dannimáx Submitted: 30th August, 2023 Favourites:1
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Coins, coins, coins.

Traverse through 30 levels of increasing difficulty; make sure to collect all coins on the way!

You will encounter red bouncing balls, purple rotating balls, cannons, keys, and spikes, all trying to stop you from getting your precious coins.

This is my very first game, I had a lot of fun making it, I would love to make more games in the near future so if you like this one stay tuned for more


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Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 1st September, 2023

I like the game, but after a few levels Windows Defender tells me that there is a virus in the game! How strange! Do you ever have this problem?
Posted by Dannimáx 1st September, 2023

Woah, I didn't know about that. I knew that upon launching the game windows would warn you about it but you could launch it anyway. I'm not sure how to stop Windows from detecting Clickteam games as potential viruses; I understand if you don't want coins in your computer anymore for safety but I can assure I did not and will never create any malicious software.
Posted by Joshtek 1st September, 2023

False positives are a fact of life. I've had problems with it with Clickteam projects, but also with my executables built with Python.

There are two things you can do:
1. Select "Unpacked EXE" in the Windows build section of the application properties. You still have false positives after this, but not as frequently.

2. In an executable is falsely detected report it to the relevant companies. For example, for Windows Defender you report it via

Before I release an executable what I often do is submit it to and see what false positives there are and go through a boring process of having to report a gazillion false positives, and then I only publish the executable once those false positives have been resolved.

In terms of warnings simply that people should be cautious because an executable is uncommon or unsigned there is nothing you can do about that beyond being able to point people to a VirusTotal scan showing it is marked by the major virus scanners as clean if people raise concerns.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 01/09/2023
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 1st September, 2023

Thank you very much both of you. I have turned off winders defender and plan to play this game a whole lot more. I think it is a pretty good game.
Posted by Dannimáx 1st September, 2023

Thank you! I had no idea, I'll keep this in mind for future games.
Posted by Ambrion 8th September, 2023
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Lovely! It's got nice looking graphics, fair difficulty and killer level design! You know, this is kind of like the first minigame from Dexter's Quest called "Electro Static Game" where you collect capacitors while avoiding the static charges with their built-in pattern, to which it sends you back and repeats the whole thing as soon as you take a hit
Posted by Dannimáx 10th September, 2023

Thank you I've never played Dexter's quest, I'll have to check it out
Posted by Ambrion 12th September, 2023
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You can try these two links below's%20Quest%20(Christopher%20Och).html's%20Quest%20(source).html
Posted by Luna Gutiérrez 25th November, 2023
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A game with a fairly basic gameplay but quite fun. I played it for a while and it is really enjoyable. I love the graphics, they're pretty much like 90s CGI and all that, similar to Scott Cawthon's art with those textures. I hope you don't mind me comparing your art to his, it's just another way of saying it's pretty cool. In conclusion. It's a pretty nice game with great graphics, I'm sure I'll finish it.






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