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Project Genome Demo
Author: Canazza Submitted: 2nd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 203

This is just a demo to show you what this game is like. There is one level. 3 types of enemy, 6 weapons, and a terrible cutscene (i made it up in 2 minutes, i couldn't think of anything better to say, but it will get better in the final game)

You awaken from deep sleep to find that you have lost your memory from a point, your stranded aboard a spacecraft that has been over run by hostile aliens.

I just want some comments and ideas

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 (350kb )

Posted by Strange Culture 2nd August, 2002

I liked this game considering it was a demo.It reminds me of the film Aliens. I wont give you programing advice coz you probely know more than me but in the real game i wouldent set the whole thing in just that space station or it may become repetitive. Could be a good game. Good Luck!
Posted by Canazza 2nd August, 2002

Ak - screen 2 must have been entered wrongly. Must have put ,jpg instead of .jpg
Posted by Canazza 3rd August, 2002

/me whacks ashman "shooting is a pain as you have to hold SHIFT" okay, what would you have me do? have you repeatedly push it and break your keyboard? Have autofire on constantly?
Posted by bIGBossMzn 4th August, 2002

It was a nice game and i`am also trying to make games by a software :) .....






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