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Gravitorb 2
Author: Duncan Submitted: 8th August, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 850
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Edited By Joshtek on 17/04/2024

Edited By Joshtek on 17/04/2024

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Gravitorb 2 is a simple arcade game, loosely based on Gravitar and the like. Navigate your [triangular] ship through 70 single-screen levels, collecting diamonds, overcoming obstacles and enemies, and fighting against the force of gravity itself.

You'll encounter gun-turrets, magnets, flying saucers, forcefields and many other menacing devices; utilise 5 weapons, ranging from a simple cannon to a highly-destructive laser-beam.

The game also features a built-in level editor, so you can entertain yourself by seeing how ridiculous a level you can design.

Beware that the game is rather hard, with tons of unforgiving levels and a boss or two thrown in to torment you. There are cheats - but sadly they're only unlocked when the game is complete.

Have fun!

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Posted by Shen 8th August, 2002

Posted by Shen 8th August, 2002

Hm? 1.2Mb, not 120k. For some reason it won't let me edit it O_o
Posted by Simdrone052 8th August, 2002

its unbelieveable how fun and addictive ALL of your games are... Good job!
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 8th August, 2002

i gave a review before the site went down... It got 9/10... a great game, shouldn't be missed!!
Posted by Luke McCarthy 12th August, 2002

I love this game, I could play it for hours. I've got to level 16 so far. Definately a game of skill, but especially patience.
Posted by Shen 14th August, 2002

I can't get past the boss :(
Posted by ACE_Spark 15th August, 2002

This is another click game thats made me say Wow... out loud. :-D
Posted by SoftWarewolf 15th August, 2002

yeah when i first opened the game i had a big LCD screen and great headphones and the intro was Extreme! ;)
Posted by Villy 15th August, 2002

A cheat to get all levels.. you open g2.lio in notpad it will lock lik this: [] gamelevel=1.ggl progress=1 hi-score=0 to the cheat you change progress=1 to progress=70 hahaha
Posted by Villy 15th August, 2002

i forgot and you most change gamelevel=1.ggl to gamelevel=70.ggl
Posted by Johann 15th August, 2002

I love this game. This game wins gotw.. period..
Posted by Johann 15th August, 2002

I love this game. This game wins gotw.. period..
Posted by Asholay 15th August, 2002

I loved the original, and then this comes out- it is absolutely amazing. The overall appearance of the game is so professional!
Posted by Assault Andy 16th August, 2002

I Thought number 1 was good this game Rocks!!!
Posted by Dogzer 16th August, 2002

this game is good
Posted by RapidFlash 17th August, 2002

This game is sweet... if it weren't for the fact it's a clone, it would be a klik classic... and all of Duncan's games I've played are fun, especially Death City.
Posted by Yikes 18th August, 2002

Psycho! Why do you ALWAYS have to cheat in ALL games?! Is it because you hate to LOSE?! You always use Trainers and cheats on Gta 3, you always edit stuff at games and... well... STOP CHEATING!
Posted by Yikes 18th August, 2002

But i've played this game on psycho's computer! And... THE LAST BOSS IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Posted by Villy 18th August, 2002

eiko why are you made. I don't cheat in all games and edit stuff you did it in sof2 I didn't
Posted by LegendaryMMSX 22nd August, 2002

this game is unbeleivably addictive...this has now become my favorite game!
Posted by Greywolfexcel 27th August, 2002

YEAH!!! I beat it! Yay! Cheats zilla! Awesome game!
Posted by gGg 28th August, 2002

What an Awesome Game!!!
Posted by Mark Beazley 29th August, 2002

I spent a whole afternoon playing number 1 but this one took me a couple of days to compleate I cant wait for 3!!!!
Posted by Phil 7th September, 2002

This game rocks! I want to know how you made the level editor, I made a primitive one,but it sucks.
Posted by Const 8th September, 2003

very nice game indeed... i love gravity games and this one reminds my of the good old days !!! ;)
Posted by Kris 29th March, 2004

Mark: Unfortunately there probably won't be a 3, because I was going to make it (the game-engine at least) ;) I still have an old version but I probably won't be continuing it for a while, especially since the code is so messy. Sorry!
Posted by Iv4n 2nd April, 2004

Hi! Awesome game! But I have a problem. When I exit the game, my desktop goes to 800x600 (from 1024x768 originally) and crash. Then I need to restart my windows 98.
Posted by Cheeseman 1st April, 2005

for some reason I cant download it (like alot of very good things ) :C
Posted by Sandu Vlad 5th April, 2005

Neither can I. I even tried searching on Google and still nothing works.






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