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Review: Gravitorb 2
Author: Shen
Added: 08/08/2002

Straight to the point: This is one of the best click games I have seen in a long time. It has seventy levels including four bosses, and a level editor. I haven't played the original Gravitorb, so I've nothing to compare it to. However, I have played a similar game called Crazy Gravity, so I found it easy to pick up.

In Gravitorb 2, you must fly your blue triangular ship throughout seventy levels, collecting diamonds and getting to the exit. There are also optional point crystals to collect, but in your first playthrough you are mainly wanting to just get through the levels as fast as you can instead of concentrating on getting a high score.

Out to stop you are gun turrets, bomb droppers, magnets, purple bouncing aliens, forcefields, and the force of gravity. Yes, if you leave the ship alone for a bit it begins to move downwards. You can use this to your advantage as there is no 'reverse' button, and you can land on the terrain if your ship is upright enough.

Occasionally, powerups appear that upgrade your weapon for five to ten seconds. These powerups include a rapid-fire bullet, a powerful bullet, a triple-fire bullet, and a lazer that continues until it reaches the edge of the screen. However, these weapons do not last long, and you may be finding that by the time you're set to blast away three gun turrets with the lazer, your powerup has expired.

The graphics are not great, but do they have to be? They fit in with the style of the game - very retro-y (is that a word?) and simple. The presentation and menu screens are very good, and not packed with options - just some simple menus at the top of the screen. The music was made by the author, and suit the game a lot. There is no music ingame, though.

There are seventy levels, each getting progressively harder and introducing you to new elements gradually. The last boss (on level 70) is extremely hard, and as yet I have not completed it. When you complete all seventy levels you are rewarded with cheats to make the game easier.

The in-game level editor is clear and easy to use, and doesn't allow you to place tiles in illegal places (exit must be on scenery, for example). All the game levels are external, greatly reducing file size by loading all the graphics and code once instead of seventy times.

So why didn't the game get 10/10? Well, there is no multiplayer. I know, it isn't important, but I feel every game should have a multiplayer of some sort if it can. Also, some backgrounds would be nice instead of black. Also, most importantly, the game can get very frustrating with only 6 collisions and you're dead - maybe some health, or an extra life powerup would be nice.

This game is only about 120k, it has seventy levels, and a level editor. And it can fit on a floppy. What are you waiting for? Download it!


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