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Author: TH Submitted: 17th August, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 634

Cerberus is an adventure game made with the good old K&P. You take the role of a security officer on a space ship when - you guessed it - aliens attack. You'll be exploring a ship filled with puzzles and dangers gathering weapons and items as you go. Also featuring cartoon-like graphics and an original password system. It's Metroid meets Zelda and will keep you busy for several hours.

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Posted by desmondwall16 17th August, 2002

A very nice little game, especially to play while on those long train journeys! And im suprised it runs quite well despite being made in KnP. Hope there's a sequal =)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th August, 2002

I cant skip the intro :(
Posted by Smeech 18th August, 2002

Very cool!
Posted by Nobuyuki 18th August, 2002

TH was the guy that made that r0x0r bomberman game
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 18th August, 2002

Its Impossible to play!No matter what i hit(start or passcode) It jumps to enter passcode!
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 18th August, 2002

Nevermind now it finally worked!
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 18th August, 2002

dang it still does it i have to restart the game so many times be4 it will actually work.
Posted by Asholay 18th August, 2002

Yeah, I find it hard to start but by tapping space & moving and clicking on the passcode I found out 3 of them by chance- it's is a well good game though conisdering the system used to make it!
Posted by Levi 18th August, 2002

its possible to fuse metroid and zelda? wierd
Posted by Levi 18th August, 2002

yeah it doesnt work i get the same thing it always goes to passcode wtf
Posted by MattB 18th August, 2002

Wait until all of the stuff finishes, and hit shift to select. I'm stuck. I beat that slimy alien eye-boss and am in this room with three of the worms that you have to use missiles on, three bats, and a lot of blocks. I can't get to the other door. What are the blue blocks? They seem to just kinda sit there. And it stinks that only certain blocks are destructable. Shouldn't there be some way to determine? The start of the game is also overly difficult. I tried about three times until I finally beat it, and I had to sit through the intro each time. Argh!!! Screen size is small. A little bit of stretching wouldn't hurt. Still fun. And for K&P, this game is da bomb (and other worn-out phrases.) Really, though, it's a decent game... if a little annoying at time.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 18th August, 2002

Umm well the way to determineif i block is destructable is to look very very closely at the top of it.Its hard to see,but it will have little cracks(scribbles?) on it.
Posted by TH 19th August, 2002

Answers to comments: Pressing spacebar in the title screen skips the intro and sends you to the passcode screen. Hit shift (Button one) to choose Start. The blocks you can destroy have cracks. They are very similar to the ordinary ones, but it's intentional. Other blocks can be destroyed or moved with other equipment (and you might find cracks elsewhere too)... And if you find the start too annoyingly hard (I don't think it's too difficult), the first passcode is: b,b,b,b,b b=blank b,r,b,b,b r=red
Posted by Gordon Chen 19th August, 2002

u really shouldn't make the first boss hard. if u've palyed metroid or symphony of the night or any game that starts off w/ a boss,they make it super easy, or that u can lose and still win.
Posted by Anthony Lopes 19th August, 2002

I don't know if that is true... a lot of times having a hard boss at the beginning is very good. anyways, this is incredible for klik n play! although, it's true, you can't skip the intro, and if press the button too early you go to the password screen. And there is now way out of it! that is annoying.
Posted by BankBank 19th August, 2002

i wanna play this game but K&P games crash my comp.. can you convert it?
Posted by Gordon Chen 19th August, 2002

i never played a game where it starts off w/ a hard boss. maybe ED, but something about ED thats addicting, that why i guess no one complained. i hope u remake the first boss, i really wanna play the game, but i don't have time to play him 3 times. :(
Posted by Crono 20th August, 2002

Pretty tight game, hella reminds me of zelda, the first enemy you fight isn't that hard. took me 2 tries. He takes around 25 hits, i counted. And some doors take missles to break, so don't waste them all.
Posted by TH 21st August, 2002

To the people complaining about the difficulty: It's not supposed to be a walk in the park. I find most games too easy nowadays, and it's more rewarding to beat a challenging game. I have made a short walkthrough for those who feel truly stuck, but I'd play without the guide. Find it at . I'd also appreciate it if you reviewed the game after completing it.
Posted by Greywolfexcel 21st August, 2002

Tight game. Amazing that it's on KnP...
Posted by SplinTAH 22nd August, 2002

nice one :D
Posted by Link 23rd August, 2002

I can't open it, any time I try to my computer freezes.
Posted by mrEkli [NewKlear] 23rd August, 2002

Very nice game.
Posted by Prototailz 13th September, 2002

Oletko suomalainen, TH? Are you a finnish, TH?
Posted by TH 14th September, 2002

Olen - yes. (.fi)
Posted by kurtis 25th October, 2002

this is annoying
Posted by kurtis 25th October, 2002

how do you make it work?
Posted by Elvn 28th December, 2002

Ohh! I love these type of games and this one looks very good! Downloading now!
Posted by dudeguydud 3rd January, 2003

25% :O you put some work in it!
Posted by dudeguydud 3rd January, 2003

60% :|
Posted by dudeguydud 3rd January, 2003

99% XD playing
Posted by Zero, maveric hunter 21st March, 2004

kool game
Posted by Hempuli 22nd January, 2006

GREAT GAME-hyvä peli!!




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