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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Dungeon of fears
Retro game. slash creatures in a dungeon
0 38 LordHannu Adventure 18th Jun 20
Alex & Friends' Quest Remastered
A remastered version of the original Alex & Friends' Quest!
0 38 BigAl0104 Adventure hellzy (9/10) 24th Jan 20
Stick Defend
Mouse-controlled defence game
1 22 INCREDIB.. Adventure MonadoBo.. (6/10) 15th Dec 19
Jonny RPG
Experimental semi-autobiographical action adventure game with RPG elements
1 78 Museum C.. Adventure BigAl0104 (9/10) 2nd Aug 19
Freddie Trims a Tree
Point and click adventure game with a Christmas theme
3 92 Museum C.. Adventure BigAl0104 (8/10) 24th Dec 18
Circle Up
Casual game where goal is to avoid obstacles on the way.
0 335 Leon Seb.. Adventure 20th Jun 18
The Legendary Captain - Indev 0.3
Make Your Pirate Ship The Best You Can!
1 23 Riffo Adventure 17th May 18
Rat Channel
Join a rat hunter as he cleans the underground.
0 14 Le Wolta.. Adventure 4th Apr 18
Ignis mortis
Ignis mortis is a 2d platformer adventure game.
0 181 LordHannu Adventure 16th Apr 16
TREX and Muscle SAM: A New Kickstart! DEMO
A graphic adventure in the world of pro wrestling!
0 108 Pietro T.. Adventure 23rd Feb 16
platformer adventure, collect items solve enigmas
2 841 wonderbo.. Adventure Lazer Co.. (9/10) 26th Jan 16
Cookie Dough Solid
Get all cookies back and don't let the guards spot u!
0 18 Demondev.. Adventure 7th Jan 16
The Mooseman - an indie game from Russian Taiga
he Mooseman is an atmospheric 2D adventure game.
0 35 Shinziro.. Adventure 22nd Aug 15
MarianCrawler BETA
Kill monsters or let your life drain in MarianCrawler.
0 42 Noisy Adventure 31st Jul 15
i hate skool
An open school life simulator & adventure, remake of Skool Daze
0 136 gapreg Adventure 23rd Nov 14
Red Goblin: Cursed Forest
Adventure/platformer For PC
0 38 henry of.. Adventure 11th Oct 14
Bob Berkins & the Jewel of the Elemental
Archaeologist Bob Berkins searches for....the Jewel of the Elemental!
0 29 Carnivor.. Adventure 9th Sep 14
Dungeon Lurk II - Leona
Dungeon Lurk II - Leona, is a Puzzle Adventure Game.
0 40 Allen He.. Adventure 29th Jul 14
The Sun Will Go Out
Space exploration and shoot em' up!
0 21 Jakob37 Adventure 3rd Jul 14
Odd Adventure of Yellow Fellow
Try this rage game, that focuses on the adventure of the titular man
1 33 Saurum C.. Adventure 1st Mar 14
Weebish Mines
Old School Metroidvania from an Older School dude
1 86 Del Duio Adventure 15th Feb 14
Flower in Pain
To end pain & be free from this maze, you'll have to be smart, My flower !
1 92 Abb Adventure 22nd Jan 14
A Boney Night
A point'n click adventure in classic retro pixel-vision!
1 58 bernie[FA] Adventure 13th Nov 13
Tommy's Adventure - Cleaned Up version
A simple adventure and an adventure engine
0 54 AftPeakT.. Adventure 29th Jun 13
Golvellius la Quete du Second
Various environment; many items; puzzles and enigmas; many monsters.
0 91 wonderbo.. Adventure 14th May 13
A Cat's Night 2
The new adventure of the fat cat Orazio
0 123 Pietro T.. Adventure 30th Apr 13
Zelda Platformer - New Special Demo
Old Zelda platformer in Metroid spirit. Allmost abandoned before.
0 199 Pipeweed Adventure 21st Jan 13
The Path of the Pumpkin
The adventure of the detective Skar the Pumpkin
0 37 Pietro T.. Adventure 12th Jan 13
Gemini Archangel - An Angel Is Born DEMO
A story-driven adventure/RPG with various gameplay elements
0 30 Hermes Adventure 24th Dec 12
Earl Bobby is looking for a Loo
Earl Bobby is looking for a Loo
1 24 Le Wolta.. Adventure 16th Dec 12
Spud's Quest Demo
A retro indie adventure inspired by the Dizzy series
0 57 ChrisD Adventure 15th Nov 12
The Rainbow Runner [Funtition Entry]
Transport through rainbows to defeat the pure evil dragon!
0 74 One Man .. Adventure 7th Aug 12
Guilty Gear - Badguy's Adventure (Demo)
Free action-RPG demo game based on Guilty Gears characters
2 56 Jerry Lim Adventure 20th Jul 12
-Space Hunter-
A Sci-Fi comic adventure
0 40 Pietro T.. Adventure 7th May 12
A Cat's Night
The story of a brave cat
0 114 Pietro T.. Adventure 1st May 12
T-REX and Muscle Sam Big Trouble in SPF
A classic graphic adventure in the world of pro wrestling
0 25 Pietro T.. Adventure 18th Apr 12
Underwater textless adventure game with color mixing puzzles
0 71 Eugene W.. Adventure 30th Mar 12
Dovadula's Burn
A classic Punk 2D adventure game
0 40 Pietro T.. Adventure 13th Mar 12
Stray Whisker
An adventure of a kitty left alone.
4 180 Assault .. Adventure 16th Jan 12
Sonic The Hedgehog 2D
Sonic The Hedgehog 2D Fan Game
0 1180 Shadowfa.. Adventure 11th Dec 11
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