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kenny's alternate deminsions
Author: artisan rune Submitted: 21st August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 88

a boss beta for my new game! youll need a fast computer to run it, but it's only a beta... tell me what you think! !D

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Posted by artisan rune 22nd August, 2002 go to if you're having problems with the download.
Posted by ACE_Spark 22nd August, 2002

uh huh.... you used Path movement for the boss didnt ya? lol. I'm gonna write what needs improving, and basicly whats wrong with it, instead of flaming you, like most people will do. Read the re-view.
Posted by eX Com 22nd August, 2002

it was pretty good PS : and ACE SPARK.. it's not impossible i beat it!!!!!!
Posted by ACE_Spark 22nd August, 2002

eh? I couldnt even harm the boss?
Posted by artisan rune 22nd August, 2002

just hit the robot with kenny's punch attack. by the way, this boss is really the first level. and there's the fact i use rpg maker 2k so i can probably add an overhead view for some dimensions. i might upgrade to MMF, but that could take awhile. but for now, i'll try animating the boss. but i'm gonna leave the boss the way he is because this is really the first stage period. i'll try to fix the fist so it only attacks when your at a certain area. as for the music, i'll give it a south park feel and make it feel like a boss song. by the way, kenny is on top of a train.
Posted by slipknot 6 sic 6 22nd August, 2002

wtf is that thing flying around with the boss?
Posted by Simdrone052 22nd August, 2002

Posted by Raincoatduck 22nd August, 2002

Ok, really do you really think this game is fun or that anyone else would find it fun at all. Please use the resources provided by the DC to get better at clicking before submitting this stuff.
Posted by artisan rune 22nd August, 2002

.... watch it ass master.
Posted by Max 22nd August, 2002

I've got absolutely nothing to say about this game, except that you've totally ripped off all graphics minus the boss's one from South Park Arcade 3 by Joe Dixon. Ripping off a whole level layout like is totally lame. Ripping off games = FRIGGIN' BAD!! I do not wonder anymore why people on DC dislikes fan games now... :/ If you are to make a South Park game, make it decent enough.
Posted by ACE_Spark 23rd August, 2002

Kenny has a punch attack?
Posted by Max 23rd August, 2002

Yeah, press Control to attack. The boss just loses his health fairly slowly. Another thing you'd need to improve with the game; make it so the boss requires some kind of skill to beat. Standing besides a boss without moving and punching him endlessly is not a good way of constructing a boss. And, do not use path movement to design a boss; use ball movement or even static movement.
Posted by artisan rune 27th August, 2002

well, i decided to add some more to the game. +ing the battle by adding a special 90 sec. timer. when your in the real levels, this will be added to see if you go to a bonus level. there will also be items to collect within the same time limit of 90 sec. if this doesn't sound good then maybe the fact that the dimensions are of the famous games like sonic and megaman. you'll also like the fact that kenny's forms change depending on the dimension, for example: in the megaman stages i'll have kenny look like X; in the sonic stage he'll look like a hedgie, aka sonikenny and megakenny X. if that doesn't interest ya, then i don't know what else to do besides ad my characters and give them stages, would ya like to see booger man and bart baracuda? That is all, Sonic_X
Posted by artisan rune 27th August, 2002

by the way, the stage megakenny is in development. if there are any people who can do the sprites, e-mail me at
Posted by demono psykes/ A. Rune 1st January, 2003

hey there, sorry for not havin this done by now. i had to change my name due to i couldn't remember my password, so artisan is still here and alive.
Posted by vega bolt 24th April, 2003

this game is now officially canned. im sorry to all, but i had a virus kill my computer, thus,i cant use tgf any more at all






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