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Review: kenny's alternate deminsions
Author: ACE_Spark
Added: 22/08/2002

Since this is just a tiny demo, im sure you can improve mate. Anyway..

Things you could improve:
That Midi is not a boss music. Try actually finding one instead of using the Intro stage music from Megaman X.

The boss has no animations at all. He's just a piece of artwork. Its nice, but it doesnt work.

The arm does not fit with the boss. The boss is black, and the arm, is.. erm... multi coloured.

The Arm and Boss are Path movement. Avoid using path movement at all costs for bosses. It doesnt look good.

Kenny bounces up and down while walking. If you used active objects for the floor, make sure they don't overlap to pre-vent this happening.

Right, thats what you could do, now:

Altough the background looks very nice, you cannot see Kenny's face nor is he very well animatied. The boss isnt even animatied, even if the artwork does look good.

Does not suit. Please people, if your gonna make a boss, and its not a fighting game, dont use level midis. Use boss midis. They aren't that hard to find!

Sound FX:
Erm, TGF sounds?

Buggy. I know this is early, but you cannot hurt the boss, and the boss does very little damage to you.
Also Kenny bounces up and down when walking, proberly due to overlapping active objects for the floor.
One thing that is worth noting, he remembered to make sure you can't go off the screen, something I useually forgot '

Impossible, the game cannot yet be beaten.

Got a lot of work on your hands here mate.

Keep the game Idea, I'm yet to see a South Park fan game thats decent, if you do the right things, this can be made good.

Lose the boss, or at least animate him.

Don't use path movement EVER for bosses or enemies. Path movement = Root of all evil.

Sometimes, im willing to chat, my AIM is ACE DA FOX.

Hope this review helps.


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