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Author: Renan Hoffmann Submitted: 28th August, 2002 Favourites:0
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Edited By Renan Hoffmann on 10/25/2002

Edited By Renan Hoffmann on 10/16/2002

Before start typing, I'm from Brazil so my English sucks, but I'll try:

I made this game a long time ago with click & create, it's kind of fun, but at the time I made this game, I wasn't

so good programming with click products so you will notice some bugs... Unfortunely I lost the CCA of this game

so I can't fix this bugs . It's an action game and it's only 1,9Mb so take it now!!! Ohhh, and the graphics

are really great, and the sound track have a song from Foo Fighters! Please Review this game and let me know what

you think about it!

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Posted by Renan Hoffmann 28th August, 2002

Why do I keep forgetting that you have to right click on the link and select "save destination as..."????!!!!
Posted by Paul_James 28th August, 2002

Um how come its KIND FUN and not EVIL FUN? sorry just like making fun of bad Engrish not like i have bad english from NY - "Go pass me the Wahduh (water)"
Posted by Renan Hoffmann 28th August, 2002

hehehe... Ok, One more thing I know about english... I'll never use the word "KIND" again :-P... Are you making fun of me? At least I know something of english... do you know how to speak portuguese??!! :-P Take it easy on me... hehe
Posted by Fox (br) 28th August, 2002

English sucks speak portuguese! Muito bom , Muito bom mesmo , os gráficos chapados. muito bom :)





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