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Cell Platform Movement
Author: Shen Submitted: 29th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 447

This is a cool little cell platform example for you . It runs on a 16x16 grid, but can be changed easily. It's fully commented, named, and grouped. Needs TGF, no extensions.

Due to my monitor being stupid and breaking, some of the colours may not look right, but I've tried to make it so it looks OK.

I'll take any criticism, good or bad

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Posted by Shen 29th August, 2002

Save target as. Well it's better than a 404 :)
Posted by Cappy 29th August, 2002

good tutorial! but in these game, the player can go a "point" (a cell) up on the top of the ladder
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 29th August, 2002

very nicely done!
Posted by 29th August, 2002

cool beans
Posted by HOSJ 29th August, 2002

could someone please tell me how 2 make a screenshot? Do you use a digital camera or what?? P.S i dont have a color printer
Posted by 29th August, 2002

We put our monitor on the scanner, and then fix it up in photoshop
Posted by Zi-Xiao 29th August, 2002

you can also just press print screen X). BTW nice toutorail
Posted by Simdrone052 29th August, 2002

HOSJ- Here is what you do... Digital Cameras wont work well on the screen... Buy a Tripod for your camera, the camera must not be on flash mode... Poke holes in a white sheet using a fork, and cover your monitor with it. Set the Camera one meter away from the screen and take a picture. Get it developed, scan it, and THERE YOU HAVE IT! A SCREENSHOT!
Posted by Caderay 29th August, 2002

I never know whether you're joking or not Sim =P
Posted by HOSJ 30th August, 2002

Posted by Spug 30th August, 2002

*bangs head in keyboard*
Posted by Numino 30th August, 2002

lol. Very funny!
Posted by Chrisbo 30th August, 2002

hey, just like astro man. nice work!
Posted by Shen 30th August, 2002

Posted by 30th August, 2002

i like beans
Posted by WesR 30th August, 2002

DC needs a Download Comments Moderator
Posted by Jenswa 31st August, 2002

Since i need a new movement, i'll take a look at this. :-)
Posted by Mark 31st August, 2002

hit print screen, go to paint and click paste... screen shot, wow an amazing thing
Posted by The Green Stranger 2nd September, 2002

To take a snap just press alt + printscreen. And after that open paint and press ctrl + v. That's how you do.
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd September, 2002

Alt and Printscreen just does the active window, so if your game is windowed, thats how to do it, but make sure its active
Posted by Justin 17th March, 2003

I hate this guy. Somebody get an extra (And better) reviewer, because you STINK!
Posted by Fire and Ice interactive 2nd March, 2004

Awe, dont tell him how .. put youre monitor on the scanner, and then fix it up in photoshop
Posted by Ezekiel 29th March, 2006

I can't jump, too bad!





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