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Wave Bounce 87
Author: Shen Submitted: 11th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 71

Edited By Shen on 1/12/2004

I made this in 11 hours for acoders. It's crap and probably really buggy. sorry

You control the ball with the mouse, you have to hit it so it goes past the other player, like standard pong. There are 8 characters with different stats, find the one you play with best.

There's not much else... graphics are pretty good, considering how bad I am. Fully custom movements, including a nice paddle and ball engine which I'm quite proud of <3

Best of luck to all who entered, especially those who ignored the time limit and entered on the last day - yeah you, cit

Save target as or drag link to address bar to download. And I have an exam tomorrow, so I need to get to sleep. zzz.

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Posted by Dark One 12th January, 2004

Pretty good, damn hard, but pretty good. Held my attention for 10 minutes. Good job and hope ya win.
Posted by Exero 14th January, 2004

"joo lose"
Posted by Shen 15th January, 2004






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