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Globe Chase Online
Author: Adam Submitted: 30th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 84

Learn your geography in this fast, fun Vitalize! game. Run to the territory displayed as quickly as possible, and if you do well enough, advance to the next round. Compete against the world online for a high score! 7 maps, including U.S. States and Capitols.

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Posted by NapalmDoom 30th August, 2002

Oh boy, educational software!
Posted by Trooper 30th August, 2002

Its a cool little fun game. While I'm not accustomed to educational software its still not bad for kids and all. The images look a bit distorted though. But it doesnt matter too much.
Posted by DBack 30th August, 2002

Posted by DBack 30th August, 2002

the scoring system is terrible. since it picks random states it'll take you longer if you have to go from west coast to east coast and back. and you spelled bismarck wrong. And you confused Vermont and New Hampshire. And you could've had it so it didn't flash states that you already passed over. There's so much room for improvement in this game.
Posted by HiredGun 31st August, 2002

You should've made it so you conquer said territories. That would be cooler!





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