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Tomato Puree
Author: Adam Submitted: 1st September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 160

In Tomato Puree, a new RPG from Nothing Is Written Productions, you play as Rian, a lowly peasant, who sets out on a quest to rescue the Princess. You will fight baddies, learn new spells, drink ketchup, explore numerous terrains, and hopefully defeat the evil Mustard Commander.

The level design is fairly simple. The game was made primarily in KNP, so you switch from frame to frame when you walk off the edge instead of having a scrolling screen. You are generally forced to stay on a path, but finding openings is an important part of the game. Various objects are scattered that you need to continue your quest.

The game is pretty linear, and very goal oriented. For example, early on in the game, a guard demands a pass from you in order to cross the bridge. A pass can be found in a village, which is beseiged by an evil . For any chance to defeat the , you need to talk to your wizard friend, who will teach you a new spell, his cat, which will increase your MP, and the mayor of a neighboring town, who will give you some of his town's ketchup supply to increase your HP. Other sidequests include navigating mazes underground, finding a sacred llama statue for a fabled mountain city, and feeding a rabbit. Talking to the villagers you meet for information is a must.

As you continue through the game, you will learn different spells, like Fireball and Ice Blast. They will affect different enemies in different ways, depending on their particular strengths and weaknesses. Fighting is Turn-Based, and it may take a few tries to figure out the best strategy to defeat your opponent. Aside from the spells you learn, you can Heal yourself, which takes away MP, and attack with your sword, which doesn't.

Each new fight resets your HP and MP, it's only your initial stats that carry through from frame to frame. This makes each battle exciting, as you have a good chance of dying if you screw up. Most of the time you narrowly defeat your enemy. This was also done because of the limited amount of HP avaliable to gain throughout the game- you have to work for it.

There are 3 save slots, each of which can be cleared to restart the quest. You can save and load anytime you're not in a battle. There is a good sized help file with game tips, something most Klik games are lacking.

The music is all original, by German MIDI composer, Albert Grueger. He gave me permission to use his files, and even composed a few songs specifically for the game, including the title track. The graphics are all original as well, and with the exception of most of the hero's animations, three of the villagers, and the ocean, (which were drawn by Smeech for the game and used with permission,) were drawn by me. There are a couple parts where the artwork is shaky, but for the most part it is very up to par.

The game has a progressive storyline, and takes you through a number of different terrains; beach, meadows, forest, desert, snow, mountains, caves, swamp, and a weird kind of place where the Princess is being held. And these aren't just two frame terrains either- each one has a number of baddies and puzzles, and is complete with its own music and ambient noises. It's a fairly large game as far as Klik RPGs go, especially KNP ones. I know all the secrets and how to do everything, and it still takes me well over half an hour from start to finish.

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Posted by Mindstorms 1st September, 2002

mmmmm...ketchup. my fav!
Posted by Oka 2nd September, 2002

hmmmmmm... opened the zip and it was empty? maybe it was winaces fault...
Posted by HOSJ 2nd September, 2002

WHY IS MUSTARD THE BAD GUY X) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????
Posted by Adam 5th September, 2002

Anyone care to write a review?
Posted by WesR 6th September, 2002

Lokk at this screen: Oh no! Someone built those house upside-down!
Posted by Adam 7th September, 2002

Yes, Pepol Box, I know you don't like that perpsective. Any comments about the game?
Posted by oni 28th October, 2002

That "perspective"? If you fly in a chopper above two houses you will probably notice that the perspective is not similar to that in your game. //ONI
Posted by ~gamerz~ 5th August, 2004

Could you please help me out, I am new to, and I am currently using games factory. I was wondering could you tell me how to make a save feature because I am making a game wich requires one. Thank you





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