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Author: Stevo Submitted: 7th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 127

Well, turns out me and Jermacs don't have enough time during the school year to manage an amateur game company...thing. So here's our finale. The url is on geocities so it might close down after a few too many downloads.
The game is consice, and compact. I tried to not put anything in that didn't have to be in. The music is credited to my brother, Zack Fowler.
Anyway, it'd be nice to get some thoughts about it, but I don't expect a lot.
It took me a little less than a week to make it.
As I said, this is Dood Gaming's last.. We're not gonna be able to finish our other projects...

A - scroll left
D - scroll right
left mouse - fire/push button

Thanks for your time!

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Posted by Simdrone052 7th September, 2002

pretty fun, the option for more hunting grounds would me nice (if you ever decide to comeback some day)
Posted by janne valtonen 8th September, 2002

link is broken
Posted by Oka 8th September, 2002

This is nice!
Posted by Shen 8th September, 2002

Paste it into the address bar.
Posted by DBack 9th September, 2002

I don't quite understand the scoring system, but I love it :)




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