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Castlevania Dark Masquerade One Level Demo
Author: Individual Thought Submitted: 10th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 274

Edited By Mighty Mouse on 1/2/2003

The reason this is here is to Get suggestions and comments from you guys before i go any further into creating it. There is alot of issues to be addressed like stairs, skeletons, collisions, Trevor's Death, ducking, and speed.

I want to note that these things WILL be adressed!!
and Most of the jumping frames were drawn by me by hand, and the back flip animation was drawn by me also using Richter Belmont's sprite from Dracula X.

That's pretty much it Give me lots of suggestions so i can improve it!!!

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Posted by Individual Thought 10th September, 2002 This is the URL to Download the MP3 to the game.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 10th September, 2002

Well I haven't actually downloaded it yet (no time at the moment, I will in an hour or two), but I think it might have been better to address the issues before releasing the game, even if it is a demo.
Posted by Individual Thought 10th September, 2002

Im just releasing this just to get ideas and suggestions from you guys i just wanted to let y'all(I'm from Texas)know what I know what's wrong with it before judging, because i hate hearing people whine, But i already know some of these major issues just to let y'all know. I hope that came out right. :))
Posted by matrixkitty 10th September, 2002

very cool make the dude walk faster and include the controls what are they by the way?
Posted by gustav 10th September, 2002

hum... this is pretty cool but the engine needs some work. it seems to work perfectly when there are no obstacles around but when you get to the area where you need to jump on platforms its just too buggy. it seems you're not using any detectors at all but just the sprite to handle collisions(?).. if so, you should make a rectangular detector and it should be much less buggy. keep the walking speed though :x... i liked that you kept true to the common castlevania movement. good work though :3 for once im actually looking forward to a fangame.
Posted by Lavos_core 10th September, 2002

Hell, once again I cannot download it!!!
Posted by Individual Thought 10th September, 2002

I'll take that in mind, oh and matixkitty (levi) the controls are Shift-Whip Control-Jump "Z"-Use Item
Posted by gustav 10th September, 2002

control twice- backflip ;3 why not using up+ctrl to use an item?
Posted by matrixkitty 11th September, 2002

thanks mighty mouse
Posted by Individual Thought 11th September, 2002

It will be that way i just have to use Z for now so i can work out the bugs.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 26th February, 2003

hey this is kick ass when you gonna do the full?
Posted by The_Antisony 4th September, 2003

I'd honestly say you did a pretty crap-tastic job here, Mighty Mouse. You have the look of the castlevania series down, but you don't have the feel at all. Fix the damn damage problem! If you get hit by a bat, you keep getting hit until you're dead. Not only that, but the steps... fix that!
Posted by MIG2 18th September, 2003

hello i'am a castlevania fan and i liked this demo.The game will surely be great once finished.Concerning the game controls, becarful because the joypad command is incomplete ( For exemple you can't use stairs, for that you need to use keyboards up/down arrows) and also ,that will be perfect if Trevor could strike while he's jumping.
Posted by Robert Welch 26th May, 2005

This sucks. The stairs are so flukey you can reach the top. When you touch a bat the game's practically over and the "HA" "HA" "HA" GETS SOOOOO ANNOYING.





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