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Castlevania Dark Masquerade Demo v2.0
Author: Individual Thought Submitted: 9th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 170

Here it is, sorry for geocities, the stair engine is still in the works (bear with me!)

As Trevor Belmont fight your way through the cave, defeating dracula's minions and stuff....until you get to a big gap, you can't cross *unfinished* sorry.

The controls are

Shift - Whip
Control - Jump
"X" - Regain Health
Up + Shift - Weapon (duh)
Down + Control - Slide

This level is far into the game so it isn't the easiest! which is why i included the regain health key. Good luck, and please post any constructive feedback on the new engine.

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Posted by Individual Thought 9th July, 2003

sorry for the crappy music. I usually play a badass castlevania mp3 to go with it but i wanted to focus on SIZE!
Posted by devid 10th July, 2003

Posted by Eric 10th July, 2003

Posted by Blackgaze 10th July, 2003

ok, its good but i dont think this was your own graphics am i correct? another fan game but good :)
Posted by Blackgaze 10th July, 2003

also about mp3, if u was going to use a mp3 but was big try go to and search for "Mp3 Surgent". it cuts out bits of mp3 so if u had game music mp3 and the song played the tune 3 times and u only wanted it once so u can loop it in TGF use this. The demo is free but the song must be under 4 megabyte. Full version is any mp3 any size but need to pay for it. I hope this helps your mp3.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 10th July, 2003

Very professional for a fan game, keep it up!
Posted by dave_c_version1 10th July, 2003

btw dude, you didn't protect your app...dont u care that some n00b will steal your hard work???
Posted by Zi-Xiao 11th July, 2003

this is nice. very nice. ARE these graphics ripped? (not that it matters) because if they are, they were probably modified because i havent seen a castelvania game where the animation is as smooth as the ones seen here.
Posted by Exero 11th July, 2003

Graphics ripped from Castlevania Dracula X for SNES, Akumakou Dracula X: Chi No Rondo for PC-Engine Super CD and Castlevania SOTN. Good job on the game.
Posted by Exero 11th July, 2003

Graphics ripped from Castlevania Dracula X for SNES, Akumakou Dracula X: Chi No Rondo for PC-Engine Super CD and Castlevania SOTN. Good job on the game.
Posted by UF Comtec 11th July, 2003

I remember I have downloaded version 1 of this game before. And I found it quite good, so I expected even better now. I would say it is a nice engine. But there is still some major bugs. And why have you posted a later level, and not the first? I find it kind of hard, yes. :D For example, when the floor broke, I could hang on to the edge with the whip!? The grapics are not original, the enemies and objects are all ripped, as well as the main character which is a re-made version of Richter from Vampire's Kiss. If graphics is ripped in a fangame, doesn't matter in my opinion, as long as the game is good. Also, this game does not work well in Windows XP, but none do. I can't barely make games myself..
Posted by Chedich 11th July, 2003

Screenshot please =)
Posted by Individual Thought 11th July, 2003

first of all, oops, forgot to protect, steal it and die n00bs! second yes they are still bugs, sorry, third, that's not richter, it's trevor belmont from castlevania 3, gfx ripped from SOTN. last, im a messy coder xD. *Updated* download protected!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 13th July, 2003

Good job Mighty, although the stairs are still a bit, umm interesting..
Posted by UF Comtec 23rd July, 2003

Oh, it's Trevor.. sorry I realized that sorry ;) This could turn up to be a really good game. Keep up the good work MM!
Posted by Teapot 3rd October, 2003

MAD GAME DUDE(or girl)! It is a little hard at the beginning though, may put some off, maybe include a tutorial or something?
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 2nd April, 2004

add this line of code to both direction for your attacking X(Attacking animation is playing.)
Posted by Individual Thought 30th June, 2005

already in there.
Posted by kcuf 28th April, 2011

I would like to try it, but the doesn't work.





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