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The Bouncing Ball
Author: max Submitted: 13th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 324

This is a puzzle game: there are only nine levels, maybe it's too easy, but i've got some problems with lives counter... it doesn't work...

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Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 13th September, 2002

hmm, why does everybody use the name Bouncing Ball? This is already nr. 4. Of course I'll try the game anyway...
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 14th September, 2002

lol cool, i was fooling around a while back and made a game pretty much exactly like this. never released it though
Posted by Michael 14th September, 2002

hey cool, its like the incredible machine a bit :P
Posted by AndyUK 14th September, 2002

hey i loved that game! so i will try this game!
Posted by Cappy 14th September, 2002

max, are you italian?
Posted by max 14th September, 2002

yes! how do u know that?
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 15th September, 2002

it's a nice puzzle game, very original!!!
Posted by Lew 15th September, 2002

Nice, reminds me of the incredible machine too :p Oh and i knew you were italian too since your server is a .it domain :p
Posted by Jack 16th September, 2002

I never like to say this but... Not worth the download. Annoying, unfun, not eye pleasing and buggy. But with a bit of work it can be amazing. So: Keep working on it, but right now it is not that much fun (for 4.5Mb)





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