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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
Super Feed my Cat
Feed my cat by matching the gems on the screen and collecting cat food!
0 13 Yai7 Puzzle 7th May 23
The Paper
The Paper is a Newspaper Puzzle Game made for the Melrose Game Jam 2022.
0 15 MonadoBo.. Puzzle 27th Dec 22
An ordinary Match-3 game with maybe some secrets
1 42 Fifth Puzzle 2nd Sep 22
Filler 0
Filler 0 is a game where you must make a path for Paintballs
0 48 MonadoBo.. Puzzle 14th Dec 21
Short 1st person adventure/puzzle game
0 129 Yannick .. Puzzle 27th Apr 21
Puzzle marathon
Puzzle, match 3 of the same kind.
0 105 LordHannu Puzzle 12th Jul 20
Star Slider
Escape from a space maze made of blocks in a
0 68 Yai7 Puzzle 15th Apr 20
You are blob, move boxes and grab keys!
1 55 whoopz64 Puzzle MonadoBo.. (6/10) 26th May 19
Happy Town
Create wonderful little towns in this isometric puzzle game!
1 114 Sheep St.. Puzzle MonadoBo.. (9/10) 8th Apr 19
Mine Avoider
A simple puzzle game I made in about 5 hours.
0 99 The MPP Puzzle MonadoBo.. (8/10) 22nd Nov 17
Soko Banish
Sokoban game with new elements. Solve puzzles or make your own!
0 111 Tammy Sp.. Puzzle 22nd Aug 17
Yin Yang Room AT
Collect or destroy the falling symbols to transform the creature
0 71 oranssi Puzzle 5th Feb 17
The Puzzle
The Puzzle is a short, atmospheric puzzle game
0 95 Akai_R Puzzle 13th Oct 14
DTV Boxes
DTV Boxes: A sokoban clone
1 118 Jenswa Puzzle 28th Jul 14
Tick Tock, Rex Rock
Help Rex Rock clear the workzone for mining.
0 86 One Man .. Puzzle 13th Mar 14
Gophirith's Mirrors
Tetris-like action puzzle; drop mirrors and bounce light beams between them
0 108 Tammy Sp.. Puzzle 24th Nov 13
Exoresk 1.1 (shareware)
Exoresk, a logic thinking challenging game
0 92 Philippe.. Puzzle 17th Nov 13
Virtual Bricks
© 2013 SONAR Games
0 82 Tetriser.. Puzzle 17th May 13
Grass Cutter
Mow all grass in sector and avoid hazards!
0 140 Saurum C.. Puzzle 23rd Mar 13
Unchain My Heart (iOS)
A simple, yet addictive puzzle game about making chains.
0 107 Jake G Puzzle 19th Feb 13
Rodent Rush (iPhone, iPad)
Poor little Mus the mouse has been abducted by a scientist madman!
0 98 UrbanMonk Puzzle 10th Feb 13
A challenging 8-bit style puzzle adventure game.
0 134 furthing Puzzle 7th Feb 13
Where is the Elephant
Where is the Elephant? Can you find it?
1 177 MasterM Puzzle 2nd Sep 12
Funtition entry: Varanes (v 1.3)
Puzzle game, where player jumps over boxes and collect rings.
0 166 Petric Puzzle 6th Aug 12
But to Paint a Universe
Telling the story of a little girls struggle to restore a broken sky.
0 67 Mårten J.. Puzzle 10th Jul 12
Tic Tac Toe by Jdcrew
fun to play , easy to use tic tac toe
0 41 JAMES DO.. Puzzle 8th Jul 12
A basic puzzler emphasising navigation and lateral thinking.
0 79 Matt Gan.. Puzzle 17th May 12
Tickle Dice
Solitaire meets poker meets dice. With snarky animals
0 82 Bjorn Mo.. Puzzle 24th Apr 12
The Idiot Test 2012 Edition
A simple strategy game where you'll have challenging puzzles to solve!
2 61 AlnelExt.. Puzzle 25th Mar 12
Classic concept, new twist.
0 114 Mårten J.. Puzzle 13th Feb 12
A multi-platform city building puzzle game.
0 368 Cole Jef.. Puzzle 22nd Jan 12
Bubble popping arithmetic puzzle game. Make centuries (100's) to score!
0 106 Bricnic Puzzle 15th Jan 12
Spooky Block Breaker
Spooky Block Breaker is a game very similar to Super Collapse.
1 103 Road Kil.. Puzzle 14th Nov 11
the forbidden mansion (illusion mansion)
Bring a little pumpkin along and enter the forbidden illusion mansion!
0 72 eliris Puzzle 1st Nov 11
Tetris (Open Source)
Tetris. The Super Nintendo version.
2 546 Chris Bu.. Puzzle 25th Sep 11
Invert Inc. The Daily Click Recommended
Invert the world!
2 192 Mecha th.. Puzzle 5th Aug 11
Magnetizer 2.01
Extended ver. of game created for '11 GameBuilder 20 events compo [5th/18]
0 166 Wackyjac.. Puzzle 20th Jun 11
Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol Preview!
2 player co-op puzzle game
0 119 Beau Puzzle 20th Jun 11
Light Cubed
Light cubed puzzle strategy speed timetrial game
1 192 3kliksph.. Puzzle 8th Mar 11
Mr. Roboto
Escape an evil laboratory using your brain to solve puzzles and stuff!
1 218 Willy C Puzzle 3rd Mar 11
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