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--=Blob's Quest for the holy snail=--
Author: X-Member1656 Submitted: 19th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 521

-===Blob's Quest for the holy snail===-

Well, in this game you are a blob, and a dude in heaven told you to go on a crusade to retrieve the holy snail, it was not an easy task, since the snail was on planet Snot (everyone snot there). And it is your job to help him to search for it......

Please read the help before playing it, it makes your life 10 times easier!

please comment, good is welcome and bad is welcome as well (since I could learn something from it ).

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Posted by Buster 19th September, 2002

I remember this from ages ago! :) It's pretty cool, nice job! :)
Posted by Asholay 19th September, 2002

Nice Emoticon :), downloading now
Posted by Killerjedi2k 19th September, 2002

whee, I played this years ago!!! this game is funny
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 19th September, 2002

sounds funny!
Posted by Mark 20th September, 2002

I like the knp troll lol, he funky. I haven't played this game for years, must download
Posted by Jenswa 20th September, 2002

Well, if you guys are positive, i'll will try it also.
Posted by Matt Boothman 21st September, 2002

I played this ages ag, couldn't get past the first level, damn it!
Posted by Pete Nattress 29th September, 2002

geoshitties is playing up again. oh well.
Posted by Yoda_Lisk 20th October, 2002

downloading this game now... err..nice name. well its original...
Posted by Yoda_Lisk 20th October, 2002

damn geocity dosnt allow me 2 dwnload this game... its wot u call a user-friendly webpage(not).





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