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Earl The Fish
Author: Andre Gascoigne Submitted: 9th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 126

Edited By Andre Gascoigne on 10/25/2002

actually a quite poor game but you guys seemed to download it so there! ha in your face! lol. enyway. for more games from me and my companions go to
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Posted by Prototailz 9th October, 2002

Nice idea, but...
Posted by ACE_Spark 9th October, 2002

I lost patience with this game in the later levels. Graphics aren't very good, and the game isn't that fun. I thought the music was original.. up to till I played the 2nd level. Trust me, Austin Powers does NOT suit. Since this is obiously one of your first games, I will congratulate you on something. There isn't many bugs. The only one I found was if you hit the wrong door, you had to die. But I guess that was to punish a player, so that doesn't count. The music for the title screen and 1st level were good tho.
Posted by AndyUK 9th October, 2002

I finished the game after about 5mins more levels would have been nice i liked the game nice. the actaul music was a bit rubbish i thought
Posted by Blast_Boy 14th October, 2002

Awesome game, heaps challenging!
Posted by Andre Gascoigne 23rd October, 2002

ok thanks guys. yes, it did suck.
Posted by HeadCreep 10th November, 2002

Earl, that is such a perfect name for a fish. *notes*
Posted by Joshtek 29th October, 2003

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