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That Night Before (ACT 4)
Author: Scurvyliver Submitted: 1st November, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 856
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Scurvyliver on 11/2/2002

Act 4 of the very successful adventure game 'That Night Before' is now ready for download! So prepare youself for the biggest of the chapters, with plenty of adventure, humour and an explosive ending!

Find out why some people are saying "tnb is definatly the best amuature game i have ever played, well done!"(Hugh)


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Posted by CYS 5th November, 2002

very good!
Posted by Phredreeke 6th November, 2002
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Yeah! Wait... What's this... THE SERVER IS DOWN?!?! Just my typical luck...
Posted by Phredreeke 6th November, 2002
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Now it's back again :)
Posted by MasterM 6th November, 2002 doesn't work for me. THe only thing I see is a black site. That's all :-(
Posted by Scurvyliver 6th November, 2002

Hey Thanks for all the comments Guys! I wish i could reply to each of you individually...but lets just say i cant save me some time... hehe To check out more on the game/get hints/ talk to others about it check out my website: http://www.scurvyliver Thanks!! Scurvyliver
Posted by Scurvyliver 6th November, 2002

do u have an old browser? Try: instead....
Posted by Rikus 6th November, 2002

Some reviews would be nice folks:)
Posted by Antonio Barra 6th November, 2002

Well, as I expected, it was a really enjoyable game. Sadly, I hardly heared any music (and I didn't do anything to the "mus" folder).
Posted by Zip 6th November, 2002

damnit im stuck on the boat i scared the bird and then what :) great game
Posted by renkin 6th November, 2002

Rikus: Yeah, I'll write a review as soon as I've completed this fourth part. I completed the three first yesterday-night, and they were good all of them. Maybe I'll write one review for each part.
Posted by Jason Orme 6th November, 2002

well, there seems to be a glitch, I use the buzzer do get into the boses office, I use 1st choice, 1st choice, 4th choice, and he says sorry never heard of you. And i never get in, ive done everything the walkthrough says. :(
Posted by Partack 6th November, 2002

WOOHOO!!! i been waiting for this 1!!
Posted by Eagle32123 6th November, 2002

For any of you peeps that need it, a walkthrough is available at: __________- Great game as always, Scurvy.
Posted by Ecstazy 7th November, 2002

Yup, great game, although I didn't have a chance to deeply explore it yet. Just got to shore so far :)
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 7th November, 2002

The guide does not work he drops the fishing line in the water!
Posted by Jason Orme 7th November, 2002

yeah, then try to grab the object after that.
Posted by MasterM 7th November, 2002

thank you: works :-) I use Netscape 7
Posted by PeterG 7th November, 2002

I havnt trecked to far into this, but hopefully you did include sites like rottnest like you told me before! Ahh, Perth Rocks huh?
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 7th November, 2002

>J-Soft you must look at the map first
Posted by Jason Orme 7th November, 2002

Il try that
Posted by Jason Orme 7th November, 2002

Ok, I completed it. Its GREAT! Now how about putting all the chapters into 1 and have a speical voice version? That actully has voices instead of just text. Just an idea.
Posted by Karl Hedlund 7th November, 2002

Now it's time for "That Night After"
Posted by Jason Orme 8th November, 2002

hehe, thats a pretty cool idea.
Posted by CsaR 8th November, 2002

Great Game! or should i say games
Posted by Zip 8th November, 2002

the buzzer is proberly th biggest bugg it says "sorry never heard of you" what ever i tajke
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 8th November, 2002

Also when u try and give the cookie to the man it says that will not help! I also can not find a the live wire could u do a print screen and circle where all th things are!
Posted by ruffles 8th November, 2002

And you can't enter the boss studio room! I tried all the answers of actor names but he just denied!
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 9th November, 2002

try the 4th name down.
Posted by Seph 9th November, 2002

You'll need the monkeyman's signature first. Pick up the pen, ask the actor for his autograph, look at the map and use that name to get into the boss' room
Posted by S Radley 10th November, 2002

Humm...looks like there ARE some bugs that need fixing, like the aforementioned "Can't give cookie to cameraman" bug... :(
Posted by S Radley 10th November, 2002

Nevermind. I figured out what I was doing wrong. :)
Posted by vortex2 10th November, 2002

Yeah, I finnally beat it! Cool game scurvyliver, hope you make more!
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 15th November, 2002

How do you then, beat the game, i have got the bow tie and need the cane and umbrella
Posted by Joshtek 17th November, 2002

S Radley, you aren't supposed to give it to cameraman :)
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 18th November, 2002

who do u give it to? s
Posted by Krux6 18th November, 2002

You eat the cookie, and give the voucher to the cameraman.
Posted by Krux6 18th November, 2002

By the way, how do you give the key to joe?
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 20th November, 2002

i dont know, please tell me!
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 24th November, 2002

you give joe the captin log.
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 27th November, 2002

Dude.. this makes me want to make an adventure game now. Excellent stuff, and I can't wait for your next game!
Posted by RapidFlash 25th December, 2002

Neat game.
Posted by AfterStar 26th January, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 2nd May, 2003

brilliant series!
Posted by Wormware 2nd February, 2004

I had no problems playing this game. It's really cood, monkey Island style!! Where did you get the saloon seat? and the direction signs?? Yo didn't use some graphics of MI? did you?.. Never mind! Really nice game, I've played this a while ago. congratulations with your place in TGP goldmine! Keep up the good work! You know what, I might play this again. From the begining.. WHne I cannot remember the puzzles..
Posted by Teapot 13th March, 2004

I love TNB 4 eva
Posted by Krik 19th May, 2004

TNB is really cool. One question- How the heck do I get the skates off that sleeping guy?
Posted by Broomie 18th June, 2004

You don't. Damn these people are dumb, they're not bugs! You're just doing the wrong thing. Fucking idiots.
Posted by forrest g 1st August, 2004

Hey, i just wanted to say that i REALLY enjoyed this game... i am d/ling #4 right now... i just spent the last 2-3 hours playing the others. ;)
Posted by UrbanMonk 30th August, 2008
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Posted by Phredreeke 14th November, 2008
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One of the best Click games ever.






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