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Author: Adam Butcher Submitted: 11th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 88

Edited By Adam Butcher on 11/12/2002

Fragment is a rather enigmatically named shoot-em-up in which you play a small disc shaped ship
that never stops moving. It's ability to fire the same weapon both forwards and backwards creates
some interesting Topgun moments between you and your friends. The game is almost completely multiplayer;
there is a deathmatch mode in which you and 1 or 2 others battle using an assortment of outragous
weaponry...from Chaos Dart Gun to Inverted Spacial Wave Cannon. The second mode (nick-named 'Unite')
is a co-operative game in which you and your friends (or perhaps just you on your own) wage war
against hordes of evil cretins. Lots of fun!

A screen shot of the Unite mode can be seen at

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Posted by -Deleted Member- 11th November, 2002

Sounds really good! But where are the screenshots?
Posted by DeadmanDines 12th November, 2002

Few people will download a game that's 1.6mb big without screenshots - just try adding a few as comments.
Posted by Rhino Studios 12th November, 2002

Kid of... well... nice game!





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