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Author: Adam Butcher Submitted: 11th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 103

Edited By Adam Butcher on 11/11/2002

This is Chemical X Games's major single player game in which you play a small ProbeDroid with a
jetpack and nose mounted gun, pitted against a deformed version of planet Earth, full of unhappy
monsters who want nothing better than to foil your plans of finding out what the hell is going
on. It contains some very clever and original badguys, 5 worlds each containing a genius boss,
uses a brilliant digging engine which means you and your enemies can hack hack away at the landscape
Worms style. It has a special password system in which you have to beat bosses in certain time
limits in order to earn them and a reletively engaging story line, in which the order of levels
changes slightly each time. The graphics are pretty good as well...they get better as you progress.
My God! Haven't I listed enough? Download Now already!

Screen shot is available at

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Posted by ReXX 11th November, 2002

Hmm, sounds pretty cool. Hope ya finish it!
Posted by 11th November, 2002

ReXX is a stoopod name
Posted by HOSJ 11th November, 2002

"Miscief Maker" is spelled wrong
Posted by Sean J. Nichols 23rd November, 2002 Miscief Maker is a little 12 year old that prances around randomly flamming people to add to his egocentric lifestyle.





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