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Butterfly 660
Author: Proteus Submitted: 14th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 981
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Edited By Rikus on 3/16/2008

Edited By Rikus on 3/16/2008


:: Jointly created by JJ and Proteus of Syndicate Studios ::

Butterfly 660 is an odd combination: an Action Platformer with a thick RPG-like plot which unravels itself as you play the game. The engine is simple, (you can jump, duck, shoot, reload etc) but the game play and the plot line is not. It is a twist on traditional alien-hunting games with puzzles to solve, bosses to beat and the elaborate plot to discover. Butterfly 660 contains numerous levels, lots of weird and wonderful aliens and full-length cut scenes, as well as being rather long.

You play as the Mobile Infiltration Unit Class 660, codename Butterfly, a combat robot created by the Swiss government. Your mission is to infiltrate a suspicious scientific base hidden in the Egyptian desert and find why Swiss agents have been going missing there recently. When you enter you discover the place is over-run with alien creatures and all the scientists have been brainwashed. What is really going on? Who are the mysterious Board of Directors who casually discuss your fate? Why are all the scientists brain-dead? Why is there a cloaked space ship being constructed in this scientific base? What has the mind-expanding drug, Credence B, got to do with all this? But more importantly, how the heck are you going to get out of here alive?

For more information, game updates (no, really), desktop backgrounds and extra screenshots, visit our site at:

(We appologise for the unavailability of a direct download)

LATEST VERSION: 1.2 [If you have an older version, you can download the small patch at our site - updating is a must]

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Posted by Muz 14th November, 2002

Oh, and guys, you might have to use 'Save As...' to download the file.
Posted by Muz 14th November, 2002

Come to think of it, WHY does it have a .bfy extension?
Posted by -Oka- 14th November, 2002

Posted by Rhino Studios 14th November, 2002

This game looks nice!
Posted by matrixkitty 14th November, 2002

change bfy to exe this is awsome but buggy
Posted by Jason Orme 14th November, 2002

This is such a good game! I can get to the convierbelt part in which the monster pops out the barrel.
Posted by Georgie 14th November, 2002

Great game. Could you tell me how to not die on the elevator part on the first level with the security guards? And what exactly is the / button used for? On several levels it just killed me. On others it just created a large quantity of red butterflies.
Posted by Proteus 14th November, 2002

Muz > The ".bfy" is so our hoster doesn't bust us. ;) Georgie > When you find powerpoints, the "\" button recharges you. It's not supposed to do anything else at any other time. I'll look into any bugs there might be.
Posted by Levi 14th November, 2002

i remember playing a demo of this a long time ago, like close to a year ago, and i thought it was pretty good save for a couple small bugs that made movement and shooting kind of annoying. ill give it another go, hopefully they have been fixed!
Posted by Proteus 14th November, 2002

US/EUROPE SERVER -> FASTER DOWNLOADS (for those of you not blessed enough to live in Australia): (no need to rename)
Posted by Shen 14th November, 2002

You should edit the main download link too. Cool game :)
Posted by Proteus 14th November, 2002

The main download link still works. It just works BETTER for Australia, as apposed to for Europe/America! Thanks for all y'all comments, bye the way!
Posted by Ecstazy 15th November, 2002

It's quite a nice game from what I've played so far...Although it feels a bit like playing with a rock, with the way he jumps...;)
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 15th November, 2002

I think it's a shame that most games are compiled without "change resolution mode" checked. It is better to have the installer create an extra shortcut and add /NOF after the target adress instead. But as for the game content itself it seems really promising so far :)
Posted by HeadCreep 15th November, 2002

Impressive mate. Love it. :)
Posted by Jon Chambers 16th November, 2002

Doesn't your internet provider give you unconditional webspace?
Posted by Proteus 16th November, 2002

JJ and I wish to appologise for the following news: version 1.2 has been released. version 1.1 cannot be completed properly. If you want to see the end of the game, get the patch from our site. If you download the full game from our site, you will be getting the latest version.
Posted by Jon Chambers 16th November, 2002

I found a couple of bugs. In storage, if you jump into the platform as it comes out of the crane, you'll get stuck permanantly. Also, if you fall off the top left of the screen on that level, there's no way of getting back.
Posted by Sephirenn 17th November, 2002

what happened to the link on the site? i went and there were no links to dl the game or any patches... i don't understand....
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 17th November, 2002

Reviewed! One thing I forgot to mention in the review - on the subject of controls, it seemed awkward having reload on Enter rather than a more easily reachable key like Space, but this is really just personal preference.
Posted by Ecstazy 17th November, 2002

Bah, I don't know what to do in the launch area, when it asks me to find a holographic machine. If I jump down, I die.
Posted by Sephirenn 17th November, 2002

am i missing something.... i go to the site and then to the downloads section and there is nothing listed under full version games.... only one little demo. can someone help? thanks
Posted by Proteus 19th November, 2002

Ecstazy (L): There's a lever for a lift which is above you. If you can't get to the lever, make the lever come to you (it's a puzzle). Sephirenn: All fixed!
Posted by Proteus 19th November, 2002

Sorry about the site problems. I uploaded the wrong pages :P. However, all is well now.
Posted by ctrl alt supr 21st November, 2002

what should i do when the chairman is setting the space ship to launch? there is an alien, i go to the right of the room, jump the alien, then when i try to run to the left the alien got me... or i fall to the hole into the acid!
Posted by Proteus 21st November, 2002

ctrl alt supr > Jump over the hole into the acid. :P
Posted by kenzo 21st November, 2002

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd November, 2002

Ctrl-Alt-Supr : If you delay a while (don't go at full speed all the time) on the run to the right, you'll have more time to run to the left and jump the hole.
Posted by ctrl alt supr 22nd November, 2002

thanks! great game!
Posted by Silent Knight 23rd November, 2002

I downloaded it, I played it, I beat it... this game completely held my attention the entire time. Great work guys! Good job giving us something for beating it too! All the makings of a great game.
Posted by JJ45 24th November, 2002

you could add a "missing" cut scene to the level select place, where snuffles chases butterfly, but then it sees the food lying on the floor and starts to eat it. i also found a bug from your game: just after killing the claw monster when you come to the lab, if you die (killed by the raukan soldier/yellow monster) in there you go back to "progression" level (acid place). please fix that bug. its annoying.
Posted by JJ45 24th November, 2002

but on the other hand this is the best click game i have ever played!
Posted by jast 24th November, 2002

I must admit that I don't really like this game. The gfx are all right. Better than those of many other games, but still worse than those of several others. The movement engine is buggy (enhanced default?). The collision detection is buggy (hell, you get hurt if an enemy touches the huge fire that comes from your gun). The music is awful in my opinion and destroys all the atmosphere (ripped music by famous artists in midi files - if you want to use midis, at least choose original music that fits to the game, don't use songs you like). And I'm not one of those guys who cares about a story. I want to be entertained by the game itself, not by some texts. If I wanted to read, I'd grab a book and switch off my pc! I'm not saying it's bad. It has its pros, but indeed, it's not what people say it is (omgomgomgmog best game evar). It might be nice if you like to read, but if you don't then you should think about downloading games like Gunner, Eternal Daughter, Bananarama or Shining Armour instead of this one. Well, at least this is my opinion.
Posted by JJ45 24th November, 2002

"it's not what people say it is (omgomgomgmog best game evar)" I'm sorry but that's only what YOU think, not what it is. Everybody have their own thoughts, you don't like the game, fine. I mean it's OK I don't have anything against you. But don't go telling other people that your opinion is the truth and other people's thoughts are lies.
Posted by jast 25th November, 2002

Wtf? Why the hell do you think I added that last sentence? So... stfu!
Posted by Yikes 8th December, 2002

I can't get past that part where you enter a corridor with a lot of blood and gore where it's written: Help me in blood on the walls. There's one of those yellow monsters that run fast and kill you in one bite! I run back, take that slow motion jump, run forward with the monster right behind me, jump over the hole with the acid and the monster kills me while I am in the air! I have tried everyhing, but it just keeps killing me! Is this a bug? By the way... You haven't copied a little from half life have you? It is just a little the same... Anywhay... Congrats with winning GOTW! :D In..t er net is,,.. goiiung am ook! Ca n t heee e e el p it ! F u uuu c k! B y e! hhisfjhfahjfjhahdshj
Posted by Alucard spelled backwards 12th December, 2002

Posted by Alucard spelled backwards 12th December, 2002

Naah i don't know, the download does not work, please fix it, i would really like to try this game!:D
Posted by Proteus 16th December, 2002

Gah! Sorry about the link (AH-GEN!) folks. It seems EVERY time I update our site, something seems to go wrong with the dang links (remind me not to try and release another game for a few months - too much net-stress)! Should be working now though. Thanks for letting me know Alucard.
Posted by Sigurd 24th January, 2003

this is pretty slow to download. I normally download 56 kb per second but it's 3.19!!!! I also live in aus
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 24th March, 2003

Very simple yet very good.
Posted by Proteus 29th May, 2003

He he, I just noticed the random Subliminal Message near the end of the game! Lol @ all the bugs, I swear that's unintentional! :D
Posted by danjo 27th January, 2004

my mum can draw better gfx than this, and shes blind with 1 arm and no sense of balance
Posted by Dr. James MD 28th January, 2004

graphics are terrible but the game is great :)
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 4th February, 2004

This is EXTREMELY overrated.
Posted by Proteus 24th April, 2004

2 Facts to debunk your last statement: 1) This game *is* 2 years old now, so it's obviously aged somewhat 2) You had caps lock on when you signed up. This strips you of your right to have an opinion.
Posted by Serkan 16th September, 2004

WTF!!!! When i push the download button it goes in to a porn site??? :S ....Why????





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