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Review: Butterfly 660
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 17/11/2002

After downloading this immense game and hardly being able to put it down from start to finish, I feel I should write a review of it... This review may contain spoilers - not of plot, but of certain moments in the game that you really should see for yourself. If you haven't played it yet, go and download it now! Come back here when you've finished.

This game was something of a trip back in time for me, nostalgic old bore that I am. It reminded me of the best moments from the old Apogee platform games - Secret Agent, Bio Menace, that sort of thing. Just that is enough to make it a good game for me, but there's more.

Graphics are for the most part excellent - the backgrounds can be a little blank in places, but this isn't a major problem. The gore, even though not excessive, was well-drawn enough to be slightly disturbing.

As for music... well, it's got old-style Metallica in it, what more do you want? Seriously though, the music is very well written and matches the mood of the game perfectly.

But this is one of those games where the "feel" is the best part - the moment in the game when I realised that I could use the new weapons was as good as, say, the first battle in Devil May Cry (it might seem ridiculous to compare a 'humble' Click game with a modern PS2 game, but there it is). There's also a classic 'bullet-time' moment later on.

It's also one of the few Click games that I've played with a decent plot - short though it is, it contained at least one twist that could be described as "mildly surprising". Which is better than nothing. The dialogue is well written as well, save for the odd spelling mistake. There are even some attempts at mild humour, which work quite well for the most part.

However, it does have a couple of faults. The controls can feel a little "tuggy" as the game seems to use the original Games Factory platform movement (correct me if I'm wrong). This is the most convenient way to do this, but for a game as good as this, the minor bugs in the default engine detract from the game slightly.

The other problem is that there are a few non-skippable cut-scenes that you have to watch every time you die. There's one "corridor chase" sequence near the end where it took me several tries to work out the right technique, and I had to sit through a minute-long cut-scene every time I was killed (it might not sound like much here, but in the game it's a lot longer).

Otherwise, though, this is a great game and definitely worth the download. It's a little too short, but that's only because you want it to last forever. <-)


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