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Trench Mania
Author: bob vec Submitted: 16th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 90

Edited By bob vec on 11/17/2002

Edited By bob vec on 11/16/2002

A two player, liero/worms type game, similar to jelibeanarians. Its wella cool. Its my first game on this site but i'll put some more up soon. Check it out.

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Posted by bob vec 16th November, 2002

sorry, i can't work out whats wrong with the link. If you let the link load the geocities page and then re-type the "T" in the word Trenchmania it works! Can anyone help me out??????????????????
Posted by Muz 17th November, 2002

"Please right click the link above and choose Save Target as" Just do that and it should download properly. That's the problem with direct linking. Get a new web host :P.
Posted by bob vec 17th November, 2002

thanx, yeah do that
Posted by -Deleted Member- 20th November, 2002

Jellibeanarians is the name of my company as well as the name of the jellibeans in my game!
Posted by Jonny 15th February, 2003

a good fun multiplayer game, worth downloading for when your mates come round
Posted by olly 20th February, 2003

Robert obviously hasn't spent a great deal of time wroking on this game. There is no storyline, the characters are unobtrusive and the music is poor. It shows Robert is not a experienced musician.





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