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Ghost Hunter 3
Author: bob vec Submitted: 3rd January, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 128

Edited By bob vec on 07/01/2006

Ghost Hunter 3!

Ghosts Ghosts everywhere!!! and demons and zombies and evil knights in get the picture...

Its up to you, my red haired friend to run around the evil infested levels, in a style that would surely win at any dance competition, ridding the world of these horrors!

10 different weapons and improved stats to buy with credits you earn from the act of ghost murder...

Simple graphics but still a good fun game

Have fun!


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Posted by 14284_14284 5th January, 2006

whats the point of the install file, they're so annoying
Posted by 14284_14284 5th January, 2006

hmm, the graphics need working, and the maps are a bit bland

maybe fix this?

and how do you use the bat thing

Posted by 14284_14284 7th January, 2006

other then that its a pretty nice game
Posted by bob vec 7th January, 2006


Made it a while ago, not sure I have the patience to redo the graphics n stuff

When u use the bat u take control of him and u can use him to bump into the bad guys. Can be quite effective!

You can press space to un summon him.
Posted by 14284_14284 8th January, 2006

lol i beat the first boss in 1 hit with the bat
Posted by KevinHaag 11th January, 2006

where are ghost hunters 1 and 2?
Posted by bob vec 14th January, 2006

You can find 1 & 2 at under the name Ghoul Hunter





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