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Author: Omega Submitted: 21st November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 223

Edited By Omega on 11/21/2002

Well, this is a classic worm/snake game. You control a brown worm and try to eat strawberrys and bananas. Everytime you eat a strawberry your worm grows.
It can be addictive, at least it's addictive to me even if it is my own game.

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Posted by The Chris Street 21st November, 2002

And its 218kb, not 122kb :D
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 21st November, 2002

nice game i got 493 points it seems a little inspired by the nokia phone game "Snake"
Posted by Omega 21st November, 2002

Thanks Circy. It's fixed now. :) Yes. It was inspired by snake of the nokia phones. Heh, Nokia is finnish like I. ;)
Posted by Nioreh 21st November, 2002

Nokia snake is just a remake of Nibbles! Nibbles has come with every release of MS-Dos, included as an example for MS QBasic. So don't give Nokia the credits ey? Btw, Nibbles is much better! (Than the Nokia snake, not yours of course)
Posted by Prototailz 21st November, 2002

244 is my highest score.
Posted by Prototailz 21st November, 2002

No it isn't... 320 is my highest score!
Posted by Omega 21st November, 2002

I have played nibbles... I remember it was great then, but for this game Nokia inspired me. Thanks, btw...
Posted by Omega 21st November, 2002

Here's my record -> 840. That worm was long.
Posted by Jusargh 22nd November, 2002

Nice one. Another great wormgame made in Finland. :) Ja tätä peliähän on tullut pelattua kännykässäkin. ;)
Posted by Omega 23rd November, 2002

Niin on. Kokeilin tota sunkin peliä. Ihan kiva peli, etten sanois. *odotellen cola-wormiä* ;)
Posted by Hplkopra 23rd November, 2002

Mä en tiennykkän, että omega on suomalainen. Well, lets try...
Posted by Official Idiot 24th November, 2002

Hey! Great game!
Posted by Silveraura 25th November, 2002

Mine was 264
Posted by Silveraura 25th November, 2002

Wait just got 383. By the way very nice game. Like how its just a simple easy snake game. Not that I don't like the big ones with nice levels. I like this one.
Posted by Omega 27th November, 2002

My new record is 1100...
Posted by Barney Boo 26th January, 2003

This is a good snake game. Some people have trouble using a good snake engine, maybe you should help some people over at the CT forum with this game's engine? This might sound a bit stupid, but this snake is almost too responsive, and gives me a nice feeling that I'll never die. (Well, until I went and ran into myself.)





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