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Author: Omega Submitted: 20th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 290

Edited By Omega on 11/21/2002

It's a small game which tests your reflexes.
If you are fast enough, you can get to hi-score list.

Post comments if you have some evolving tips!!
Maybe there sometime will be Reflex +, with many many neat stuff.

Okay... I made some minor changes to the game. When you press enter too early, you lose 10 points. And lighten up the package about 1 meg...

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Posted by Muz 20th November, 2002

It's nice. Out of 5 tries, I got 980, 985, 986, 987, and 988. My reflexes improve by at least 10 milliseconds each time I play this game! :P
Posted by Death Reaper X 21st November, 2002

I got 999:D sweet XD
Posted by Jon Chambers 21st November, 2002

You should make it disable if you press enter before it lights. I think it was a little heavy for a reflex game. Maybe switch to midi file, and make the instructions appear on the title screen. I've made this game before, but I didn't use any presentation.
Posted by Muz 21st November, 2002

999? You're either lying, got really lucky, pressed the key repeatedly, or you're just real damn fast. Oh, and don't disable it if you press enter too early. Just subtract about 10 points or so :P.
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 21st November, 2002

the highscores are messed up you should either change the size of the text or the number of lines. the intro text is also too big. and it's really annoying that the game restarts every time you should only make it jump back to the text
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 21st November, 2002

and i got 998 ;)
Posted by Omega 21st November, 2002

Okay... I made some minor changes to the game. When you press enter too early, you lose 10 points. And lighten up the package about 1 meg...
Posted by Omega 21st November, 2002

Hi-Scores messed up? What do you mean Aali? I tried it and it's fine. Oh, I also made it to jump back to text from hi-scores. :)
Posted by Zeon Matrix 21st November, 2002

This game reminds me of a game i played at a carnaval. The only minus is that you don't get any presents when you have a good timing! ;-) (like in the real deal).
Posted by Death Reaper X 21st November, 2002

Muz--I pressed the key repeatedly, but in my head it was real! :D I got 989 normally :)
Posted by Levi 22nd November, 2002

hw is that possible chicken
Posted by Nioreh 22nd November, 2002

Scientifically, since the nerve signals go to and from your brain at about 400 kmph (about 240 mph) the length of your arms actually affect your scores. Using something on your head can improve your score about one point or so. I tried using my chin, by opening my mouth and that way pressing the enter on the numpad, it worked. Don't know about my scores though, get the same, but it's closer to the brain, so you should be able to raise your scores that way =D (My max point is 990, can't seem to go above that. If you try and use your feet you'll se that scores are lower. (Scientific fact)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd November, 2002

...How did you manage to lighten it by a full 1MB? Must have been a lot of "junk" in the file...
Posted by Plasma 22nd November, 2002

Nice, but its too 'hard' to just return to the game menu again, you have to click the button and then hit ENTER on the info screen. Just have pressing enter returns straight away.
Posted by Omega 23rd November, 2002

For Wong Chung Bang... I took almost all wav's away (they were like 5 seconds long each, just clapping etc.) and put there some midi music.
Posted by Silveraura 23rd November, 2002

I can't get past 987
Posted by renkin 23rd November, 2002

Cool little game. I've gotten 990 so far. Anyway, how does the timer work? 'Cause since Click-products are really slow, you will probably get a high score more easily on a slow computer that can't count the milliseconds (or whatever it's counting). A processor easily counts much faster than that, but not in a click-product.
Posted by Omega 24th November, 2002

When the light turns green, every 0.01 second it takes 1 away from scores (starts from 1000).
Posted by ShadowCaster 25th November, 2002

It helps if your not drunk.
Posted by Blast_Boy 25th November, 2002

Posted by >NzR< 30th November, 2002

I got 1000..






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