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Megaman Blast
Author: JJ45 Submitted: 6th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 313

Edited By JJ45 on 1/11/2014

It's a Megaman game where you can pick from 4 different enemies to fight against. You get the enemiess weapons when you beat them. After beating every robot master there's 4 more enemies but I don't tell you anymore about them... Beat the robot masters and see yourself! AND I know there will be comments about the last boss...

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Posted by Muz 6th December, 2002

Rather simple for a Mega Man game, ain't it?
Posted by JJ45 6th December, 2002

Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 6th December, 2002

why should we comment the last boss? it was nothing special with it
Posted by ruffles 6th December, 2002

how can I use the new weapons?
Posted by DanielRehn 6th December, 2002

Well it was kind of fun... except a some should make some levels before the would make the game so much funnier to play....and don't use that kind of buttons....make your own..... Rafael.. use the buttons 1-5..where 1 is your megabuster....
Posted by TS Team 6th December, 2002

Posted by Broomie 6th December, 2002

is this the one about the robots taking over the cities, if it is this game is great, if not, i give it a try
Posted by JJ45 7th December, 2002

Umm yea I guess.
Posted by Broomie 7th December, 2002

this game rules den` you entered this into the Planet Pc compotition, and it was one of the 6 winners... right? ;)
Posted by JJ45 7th December, 2002

where planet pc?
Posted by kreature 7th December, 2002

Not much to say here; it's bad. It actually disgusts me that Megaman (whom we all love) is used in this way. At least make som levels to play on, and put som more idea into your games. This is pretty monotone and boring if you ask me...
Posted by Mladen Lazic 9th December, 2002

It is a verry nice game!!!
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 9th December, 2002

Hey! Great game!!! Ever played megaman? I thought so because I saw your games and I know you are a big fan of blue boy like me! :-D
Posted by Steve T. 9th December, 2002

Decent. Decent. Not as good as the original, but certainly doesn't come close to sucking. I salute you! HEIL SCANDINAVIA!!!
Posted by JJ45 9th December, 2002

Thanks! I could made it better but I dont' have the openable file anymore. I'm thinking of making a sequel for it which has levels. And yes, I have played Megaman games. I have beaten Megaman 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 9(rock&forte). I also have MM8 but I can't beat it XD.I'm getting MMX4, 5 and 6 for christmas. Yes, MMX4 is still here in the shops, here in Finland
Posted by Danny 10th December, 2002

This is cool!!!!!! I hope there is Megaman Blast 2
Posted by Georgie 10th December, 2002

I'm not sure what problems you may have had, but this game was missing alot of stuff that was needed. I knew alot of the sprites were going to be ripped, but wierd enough, the ones you drew looked quite good. But the bosses are boring and kinda pointless, they suck you in and if you touch them you get stuck and die until they jump in the air to do a gun attack. And the thing bosses consist of many flying bullets of no dodge potential flying at you, and those many falling building pieces at the end. Can say one thing though, I played to the end :) thats all a game really needs to do for me
Posted by BJ Turner 26th December, 2002

Pretty fun but kinda easy though. It needs some levels though and not just bosses, but other than that it was actually fun.
Posted by Jeff Silvers 28th June, 2003

Yeah, I've played this... no offense, but it wasn't all that good. The boss battles are too predictible, and I've never played a Mega Man game where all the bosses ever did was try to stay exactly where you were. There are only a few Mega Man fan games that were any good, and sadly this isn't one of them.
Posted by ripthor 28th July, 2003

I can't download it. :(





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