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Author: gGg Submitted: 7th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 114

Your system is under attack. It is filled with circuit eating bugs. You are the last chip left to fight them. Its up to you to zap all the bugs before they eat all your curcuits.

The bugs move from square to square in logical movement. If they get you they zap you. In order to zap them you must push energy units into them or zap them with lazers. This is not so easy because the lazers fire at you.

This game is based on a 12X12 grid. You can set up a level on the grid, you can also load and save levels. When you are happy with the setup select play to play the level.

There is also a two player version where you fight to zap your opponent or all thier circuits.

@ Level Editor
@ One or Two player, Vs or Coop
@ 30 one player levels, 10 two player levels
@ All original graphics
@ Custom grid movement
@ Two secrets

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  (1,145kb )

Posted by gGg 9th January, 2003

If you have made any good levels you can send them to
Posted by Evil Monkey 9th January, 2003

The game doesn't come with the levels. :( I think it is because you used the default installer! Please don't use the default installer! It's irritating! Instead, use Clickteam's Install Maker which you can get off of Or, if you need to, just make a zip file w/o using an installer. The fact that this comes with no levels makes this game worthless. Unless you can fix this, I'll find another game to play. :(
Posted by Evil Monkey 9th January, 2003

Well, not completely worthless, it just makes it less fun. I think it should come with levels so that it will last longer.
Posted by Hayato 10th January, 2003

Actually, there'a a zip containing the levels included in
Posted by gGg 11th January, 2003

open it has levels you have to put them in the same folder as the game. read levels.txt
Posted by gGg 11th January, 2003

It seem obviouse to me that the levels could be found in
Posted by robby 11th January, 2003

this game looks great in the graphcis. how long did it take you and what program didi u use. gf?
Posted by ChrisB 11th January, 2003

This promises to be a good game. The only problem is, it's a little too buggy and confusing. It's also a little too big for my liking, the graphics should be a little smaller. I suggest you fix some of the problems with movement and the computer, and write better instructions. I have a vague idea how to play it, and that's to push the blocks into the enemy bugs.
Posted by gGg 11th January, 2003

Zap all the gugs... push the circles into them or dodge a lazer shot so it hits them
Posted by gGg 11th January, 2003

Zap all the gugs... push the circles into them or dodge a lazer shot so it hits them





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