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Review: Bugzapper
Author: ChrisB
Added: 11/01/2003

I'd much rather see more original games come out than rehashed versions on the same theme. So it was with great pleasure that I downloaded and installed this game.

The instructions provided but are unnecessarily divided into different sections, and explaining everything at once instead of giving you just what you want... in other words, a 'Quick Start Guide'. The reason for this will become apparent soon.

Upon loading the game, you see a nice title/game screen. This is unnecessary, because there is only one option (Start), but with other things to choose from this will be OK. Upon actually starting the game, you meet... a level editor. Huh? Well, the game revolves around the level editor. Probably not the best decision, but that's how it is. I just wanted to play - this can be done by loading and playing a level. A future improvement could be a simple 'Play Level' option instead of integrating with the level editor.

Now, for the gameplay: It's fairly simple stuff. The levels included aren't particularly puzzling, which is a shame, because this game could do with it; there isn't a lot to do. Your only controls are to move about, but while this simplicity is common with games like Boulder Dash, you have less to do or think about. Boulder Dash required a lot more thinking due to the various obstacles you had in your way, while this has only bugs and the odd laser or death tile. Despite this, it manages to keep you entertained for a little while.

Graphics are simplistic, but adequate. They are too big for my liking, as there is no room for complexity and a decent level, but the addition of scrolling would be enough. Sound? Well, there's hardly any of it, and it messes up quite often so you'll find yourself turning it off. This glitch reduced the score for this aspect.

Thankfully, because there is a level editor, there is some lastability, but because of the restraints on the game in terms of play area, you'll only play it for about 10 minutes at most.

Final verdict: This has potential. Unfortunately, because of various glitches and the limitations of only a small level, it won't last for long. A shame, because I like it a lot (sans problemes, of course).

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