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Super Hockey
Author: Rhino Studios Submitted: 9th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 96

Edited By Rhino Studios on 1/9/2003

Are you ready for some hockey?

Super Hockey is a fun Two-player-game.
Though this game isn't the greatest, it can be fun!

In the game, two players play's a special-hockey game against eachother. You control two bats, wich goal is to score in your opponent goal. And you've got 60 sec's to do as many goals as possible, and at the same time guard your own goal.

The music is made by Wartagon, but thogh they are just small samples, just not to enlarge the game size (even if the game-size is quite big already)

Enjoy Playing Super Hockey!

And please say what you think about the game!
Or maby even make a review?

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Posted by Ashman 9th January, 2003

Posted by Rhino Studios 9th January, 2003

Yep! And I'm not gonna change it!
Posted by ShadowCaster 10th January, 2003

Maybe not, but I still can.
Posted by bigdave 10th January, 2003

ur right, this game isn't the greatest. Like the music tho.
Posted by -_darkman_- 10th January, 2003

just another pong clone by the looks of it. It just has a different name
Posted by Ashman 10th January, 2003

Heheheheh go SHADOWCASTER!!!!!!!!!!





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