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Review: Super Hockey
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 21/01/2003

Captain's log, stardate 21/1/03. Nothing downloadable (by me at least) was released today so far, so this review's the result of typing a random number into the "ID" field of the address bar.

"Super Hockey", then, or "Super Hocey" as the file name calls it, is a simple slant on the classic game "Pong". The object of the game, as everyone should know, is to hit a ball back and forward across the playfield by means of controlling a paddle which can only move up and down.

In this edition, the game is dressed up as an ice hockey game (or just "hockey" as the Americans call it, but "ice hockey" is longer and I think I'm going to be hard pushed to write 1500 characters about this). I'm not sure why this is, because pong and hockey are very different. Go to any hockey game and you'll notice the lack of bright red and blue paddles on the playing field.

Now, the main difference in this version is that you, as one player, control not one but two paddles - one at each end of the playing field. This actually makes for some surprisingly good play, especially as it's very difficult for a player to return a ball bounced so close to them.

Once a goal has been scored, the bat of the player that lost the point teleports back to the middle. I'm not sure if this is good or not - it could be disorienting but on the other hand it could help save the next shot if it happens to be in the right direction.

The graphics are pretty well drawn, especially the start logo and the title screen. But at the end of the day, it's still Pong with a few extra bits tacked on to it, and it's not going to last long.

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