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Author: Lemmy Submitted: 13th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 117

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This is the Game I have worked on for so long...It isn't Complete Yet, But It's got 5 levels (the last one is incomplete), A save/load system, and other stuff.
It is a side-Scrolling Action/Platform game in which you try to save the world from your evil mutated clone Raddu.
Okay now the file size is about 40x bigger, but now it works.
tell me If anything needs improving.
--------------1/16/03 10:27 AM Central time-----------------
Okay, NOW it WILL work!
(but wait until I have the comment that says <okay to download> in the comments. otherwise, it has not been updated yet.)
I'm sorry about that it didn't work before, but now it does!!!
Sorry about the file size too, but that's as small as it will get even in a zip file on maximum compression. the .GAM file is now also included. please try downloading it again.

tell me If there's any way I can make it smaller.

by the way, try my other recently updated game. (stick fighter) it's on the front page (or at least it was at the time I wrote this.)

Review This Download (4.76mb )
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Posted by bigdave 14th January, 2003

downloading but you could give more description, like what the game actually is about.
Posted by Joshtek 15th January, 2003

its amazing how authors can think people will download their "mystery" games :p
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 15th January, 2003

I started off a 'narrative' review of this, but encountered problems. Even if you're on a cable connection (as I am, luckily enough) the file will take a while to download because of the bandwidth. Still, it gave me the opportunity to learn up some Chemistry. Ramble, ramble. Now, after downloading it I found the ZIP was full of PCX files - I was later to find that those were used in the introduction. Why not just import them as background objects? Would save a lot of download time, as they're smaller in the game than the file. Speaking of the game, it doesn't work. I just got an 'Error while opening file' error. I tried playing the intro alone, but had to change the directory that the game searched for the PCX files in 13 times before it started. The game shows promise, but these major bugs need fixing before it's reviewable.
Posted by Lemmy 15th January, 2003

Well, thanks for the reviews, I'll Get On fixing it right away!
Posted by Lemmy 15th January, 2003

Ok, The game has a "classic" Storyline. You are A blob named Lemmy, and you have to set out and save the world (and your freind) form your evil mutated clone, Raddu. it's a Side Scrolling game with pretty good graphics, and excellent gameplay.
Posted by Lemmy 15th January, 2003

I Just Updated it! Try re- downloading it in about 10 minutes once I upload it! Now it's about 10X smaller, and it works now!
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 16th January, 2003

works now huh??? YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE THE F**KING .GAM FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Lemmy 16th January, 2003

Sorry....It will work Now. I am updating it right now at 10:00 Central time. it should be working at about 10:06
Posted by Lemmy 16th January, 2003

actually at 10:27
Posted by Lemmy 16th January, 2003

< Okay to DOwnload> You can download it now. go ahead.
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 17th January, 2003

if you want it to be smaller change the color mode





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