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Moonlight - First-Person Shooter
Author: Lemmy Submitted: 29th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 288

Edited By Lemmy on 8/29/2004

Of all FPS, most are just meaningless violence, blood and gore. A rare few, like half-life, though, have an intriguing story, and are so unique and immersive, you don't want to leave.

That is the kind of game I am striving for.

So in a nutshell?
Short? Yes. Hard? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

Moonlight is a FPS with a story, and was created in 2 1/2 weeks. It's short, but it's just as fun as any other FPS you've played.

This game was created for a mini-game contest at, and I started over 2 weeks late, so I had to really rush, but from all of the effort poured into it, it turned out great.

Summary: You are the chosen one. For many years the descendants of the ancients have searched among the chosen for the one who would free them from the techra.

But now...You have been found.

Note: This game requires a relatively good graphics card, and a good OpenGL driver.

This game was made in Blender 2.25, a freeware 3D modeling program and game engine. (

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 (2.9mb )

Posted by TheAlee 31st August, 2004

cool! i use blender as well :D looks like
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st August, 2004

hmm, the way the world spins round when you look up/down is way too annoying and just stops the game being fun. also, you should add some form of "invert Y axis" option for the mouse ;)
Posted by Lemmy 31st August, 2004

Ok, I'll consider it. THe spinning is due to a problem known as gimbals lock, and may fix that also. :D
Posted by chrilley 31st August, 2004

The download on your site won't work, looks neat though :P
Posted by haloboycs 31st August, 2004

theres a flash movie entitled Moonlight on
Posted by Muggus 31st August, 2004

Looks damn wicked. Love my 1st person games.
Posted by Louis Moon 31st August, 2004

It seems I'm not authorized to view the page...
Posted by Leerz 31st August, 2004

sounds cool..
Posted by Bartman 31st August, 2004

Ugh, its very glitchy If I look down to far, my guy goes bonkers. and collision detection is very off. I tried to squeeze through a house and a wall and fell out of the level. Oh well, kudos, I cant make a 3D game yet, but keep at it, this could turn out well.
Posted by Silveraura 31st August, 2004

Not bad, its not often FPS's are on DC, but to be honist, I really didnt like it, but its not bad.
Posted by Louis Moon 31st August, 2004

Am I the only one who can't get the download to work?
Posted by Lemmy 31st August, 2004

thanks for all of your comments! THe link should be working fine... Oh, and does anyone want to write a review? (hint, hint) ;)
Posted by Silveraura 31st August, 2004

I would if I had the time, but because I cant, I'll just give you the rating I would give this right here. 8/10 Its not often a 3D game comes by DC & when one does, its a shock, & to be honist, its not all bad but could use ALOT more.
Posted by Muggus 31st August, 2004

Hmmm i'm glad it runs on my shitty computer, but I seem to get a few clipping errors here and there. :(
Posted by benb7760 - Plasmagem 1st September, 2004

i can't download it... i get an error like 'you are not permitted to download this file from this server' or something. could comeone upload it for me ?
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd September, 2004

yeah, none of the images on the site work, and neither does the download
Posted by hey hey shoe 2nd September, 2004

is blender 3d easy to use?
Posted by Coop 2nd September, 2004

It gets all messed up on my computer..
Posted by hey hey shoe 3rd September, 2004

it doesnt work :@
Posted by Djfuego 4th September, 2004

Hmm Yeas it's not made with click software though is it. Blender is an awesome app though. could have cheated and used the Active X plugin thought ;)
Posted by Ecstazy 7th September, 2004

This game has its bugs, but good work considering the effort it takes to make a decent 3D game.






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