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Author: Pioupiou Submitted: 4th February, 2003 Favourites:0
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Well it have been a really long time since the last demo, but now brainless is back.
I warn you it is not the full version, and there is still only one mission in the game, but this mission have been revamped/improved a lot.
As i said, the game moved from TGF engine to MMF engine.
I also made many additions/bugfixes to the game. Here is a quick list of some of them :

-Correction of the major bug that cause your desktop to stay in 320*200 sometimes after quitting the game in full screen mode.
-An ingame menu is now present when pressing ESC while playing.
-You can now reconfigure grenade's button (in 3 buttons mode)as you wish.
-You can now play in 3 buttons mode with a gamepad.
-Controls are no longer resetted between each level.
-Controls and all others settings are now saved when quitting game.
-You can now change sound and music volumes ingame.
-ALL bugs that were reported to me are now corrected.
-A big part of the PTF engine as been remade.
-Global optimisation of the game (in the code).
-Ennemies's AI were improved a bit : they can now throw grenades and they no longer shoot all together.
-I added new kinds of ennemies, new arcade sequences and i remade the design of the hotel part, in order to make the game less boring.
-Menus and cinematics were remade so it will be easier and faster for you to change settings. Press ESC to fully skip presentation's cinematics or any other key to go to the next one.
-The launcher were remade from scratch. It now works fine and features many new options.
-A new bonus to unlock : the "Worst Of" .
-Many new graphical effects were added too !
-And many other things...

Well don't lost time reading this just download the game !
Btw i also uploaded antoher file without the clickteam installer and compressed with ACE (autoextraible file) with is a bit lighter : 5.7 mo only
here is the link :
I hope you'll enjoy this game !

For those who doesn't know it or doesn't remember of it,
here is a short description of the game :
Brainless is a shooter, for those who like to press repeatly shooting button, like Metal Slug, or Contra, for those who knows it. You are an overtrained soldier, who fight a whole army of badguys, and big bosses of course. Don't worry a short story is here is a 100 % arcade game, which will help you to feel no longer stressed, after an hard day of work.

Have fun and please make test or comment of the game, thanks in advance !

P.S. : I know i posted this game 6 days ago, but these version feature bug corrections, and i was told to post a new dl.
For people who downloaded the old version a patch is avaible here :
Enjoy !

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Posted by Assault Andy 4th February, 2003

OH This Game!!!!!!!! I have been waiting a long time for this to come out I hope it is as awsome as the demo/beta test.
Posted by AfterStar 5th February, 2003

Well.....its still a demo,when is the full version COMING OUT?I've been waiting for long time since the last demo.......SOOOOOOO?????? =)I really like the game! =)
Posted by Pioupiou 5th February, 2003

After star you gonna have to wait a long time... maybe several months coz for now i dun have time to work on it. I think i gonna try to resume my wor k on it on summer vacations. So enjoy this demo (which should be the last before the final version release) :)
Posted by CsaR 5th February, 2003

Nice Game...I like the animations
Posted by Zip 6th February, 2003

i played a demo before it was fun :P my finger still remembers it :)
Posted by AfterStar 6th February, 2003

Same problem with me don't have time to work on my project!Maybe in summer vacations....... Very similar to metalslug!
Posted by AfterStar 6th February, 2003

Same problem with me don't have time to work on my project!Maybe in summer vacations....... Brainless is very similar to metalslug!You were inspired by metalslug...???
Posted by The Chris Street 6th February, 2003

I cant understand why you didnt zip this up
Posted by Pioupiou 6th February, 2003

Yes i were inspired a lot but metal slug. (i event thansk the creator of this kickass game in Brainless credits ! :)) Circy the reason why i didn't zip the setup created with clickteam installmaker is beacause there is nearly no size differecne beetween the zipped and not zipped file. But i uploaded a self executable ACE with is 5.7 instead of 6.3 mo. WinACE 2.0 compresses the files way better than winzip. But if you want i can also upload a zip file, which will be around 6 mo to download.
Posted by The Chris Street 8th February, 2003

Fair enough. Anyway, this is absolutely excellent. It has my GOTW vote. Quite possibly the most fun klik game Ive ever played, although the first section was very linear and very long. Roofles at the Scream parody bit where the guy pushes a piano down the stairs, that's excellent. And so is the Matrix confrontation. Carry on with this, you WILL have a classic on your hands - great work :)
Posted by Pioupiou 8th February, 2003

thanks ;)
Posted by Cappy 8th February, 2003

oh... new graphics since the old version! congratulations! but i think... ;) the first level is tooooooooo long!
Posted by The Chris Street 10th February, 2003

Reviewed. Best klik game ever.
Posted by Galaxy613 10th February, 2003

First time playing Brainless, it's sick, fun and it has lots of blood.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 11th February, 2003

Wow, if Circy likes it that much, this must be some good shit.
Posted by Pioupiou 12th February, 2003

Well thanks to Circy and Dani for reviewing. :) I have nothing to say about circy review (except that review like that make me happy and make wanting to continue the game ;)) but i have something to say to dani : You didn't seems to like the game that much this is your opinion and i respect it. But you it seems you haven't noticed that you can throw grenades with another button than pressing 1+2 (you can configure this in controls's configuration). Maybe that will help you and with the grenade the game is way easier (especially against bosses). You can also change the way you throw them depending on the direction you aim. You also said the game was very hard. As you are not the only one to say it i guess you are true ;). I think i gonna tweak again the game difficulty, and had an "easy" level of difficulty so everybody can enjoy the game (BTW some people said that their favorite ennemy were the jetpack one coz they were harder to kill :)). Thanks for your reviews and comments all of you !:) If you like the game please tell about it (you can still vote for gotw it seems :)), spread it, coz one of the problem i got with this game is that few people download it and test it. Thanks.
Posted by Dani J Swanson 12th February, 2003

No I really like the game, it can be better though. Thats why I reviewed it. About the controls, I just thought that the default button for grenade should be something else. Looking very good, I'm looking forward to the full release.
Posted by Darklord 12th February, 2003

This game is cool. A few things could be fixed, but its an overall good game.
Posted by HaMSteRtAiL 13th February, 2003

i seem to remember that one of the bosses were quite impossible, but downloading anyway :)
Posted by MattB 13th February, 2003

6 megs for a demo? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Posted by Simon R 14th February, 2003

Posted by Pioupiou 15th February, 2003

the Ace auto exctratible file is more compressed than a zip file. I can make a download less than 5.7 mo. Sorry
Posted by RapidFlash 15th February, 2003

This game is awesome. Definitely download it today!
Posted by Beeb 7th October, 2003

Really fun, Really Bloody, Really Cool. It also gets on two players.
Posted by Aptennap 5th May, 2005

BEST GAM EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Aptennap 5th May, 2005

game not gam
Posted by commando6729 25th May, 2005

Posted by Trooper_959 16th April, 2008
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