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Review: Brainless
Author: Dani J Swanson
Added: 12/02/2003

Good games are VERY few and far between in this community, so when something like this shows so much potential it makes me want to speak out.

First off, I like the level of humour in this game though I think it could be expanded to the actual gameplay more. I would like to see more going on in the backgrounds like more interactivity and funny animations in the background. For example in the first level the shops u pass could have so much more character.

Okay, the game is good if perhaps a tad repeatative. My number one gripe is the dudes with jetpacks, either make them easier to hit/kill or allow the player to duck when they tear your head off. This brings me to the next problem, the difficulty level. I must have used at least 20 lives just beating this demo. There are a couple of things that could help improve this:

1) Change how u use the grenade, use another button and the longer u hold it down the further it goes.
2) Rather than 1 hit and you die, implement some form of health counter. Ie 5 hits and you die.

Presentation so far is very promising though the graphics in general could do with some work (don't get me wrong there not crap or anything).

The level in the demo (part1) is very long and a tad boring, maybe make some way to alternate the players route, perhaps the ground could cave in and you'd end up in the sewers.

All in all im definetly looking forward to this game. Has quality written all over it. With a little work it'll could be the best MMF game ever.

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