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Saving the City
Author: X-Member667 Submitted: 16th February, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 134

This freeware adventure game set in London 2 year 3000 can be downloaded in two parts. The first can be downloaded now, and the second part can be found at You play an unlucky electrician who is forced to run around the city of London 2, and also travel to the moon to thwart the plans of the cyborg mayor by the name of Nuts 'n' Bolts.

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Posted by Moonyjacob 17th October, 2005

OH YEAH, i remember this game, this game is wicked, grrrrrr!, it don't work:(, i can't remember where i got this link last time, it might of been here, or it might of been somewhere else, if anyone knows where else i can download this please tell me!,





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