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Author: Patrick Submitted: 16th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 87

to download the game just go to my site and click oN: SPEL SOM JAG HAR GJORT bottom and there u find THE game who called RALLY GEEKS
Its a game where u rally with outer cars. many have like it, so i hope u guys so will do it. its not so much to say about it just test it and say what u think about it

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Posted by MattB 16th February, 2003

English obviously isn't your native language, so it's understandable to have some mispellings and stuff, but you may get more downloads if the description is slighly more attractive. No offense, I do understand, just a tip. ;-)
Posted by Galaxy613 17th February, 2003

Yeah and screen shots help ALOT! You do know how to make screen shot right?
Posted by Galaxy613 17th February, 2003

I clicked the download link and it went to his website and English IS NOT is first language.
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 17th February, 2003

Is your site in German? I spent 2years learning german and don't remeber a thing! I got to the download and it "was not a valid archive". Oh well, You didn't give enough of a description for me to care that I can't download it, no offense
Posted by >NzR< 18th February, 2003

His language is swedish..
Posted by Lew 18th February, 2003

Downloaded. You idiots, he told you what to click! It's an ok game. Nothing amzing, but not crap.
Posted by Lew 18th February, 2003

Ok, it was crap. XD
Posted by Weston L 20th February, 2003

I would disagree, I'd say 5/10.
Posted by Lew 21st February, 2003

Well. Mini review. (Ok, crap was harsh) You go down a level of randomly placed obstacles which make you stop in your tracks. You race against another car that looks exactly like you, that has obvious Path-Movement AI. The car has the default Car movement, meaning that turning and avoiding the obstacles is nearly impossible if you want to win. The graphics are straight from the libs, which, while not bad, do not go together particularly. Anyway, i made it to the next level. Which was the same. With different obstacles. 2/10? Sorry, but it's reality.
Posted by Patrick 23rd February, 2003

yea i know its not so good.. but i will make better next time!






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