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The crime days
Author: Patrick Submitted: 24th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 69

Edited By Patrick on 8/26/2003

Its an plattform game with the gta gameplay a little.. Give me your coments!

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Posted by Patrick 24th August, 2003
Posted by Weston L 24th August, 2003

I got a 404 fel. Heh.... fel
Posted by Patrick 25th August, 2003

some coments? please!
Posted by Penguin Seph 25th August, 2003

It won't download-That's a comment
Posted by ChrisB 25th August, 2003

Download it does not!
Posted by Patrick 25th August, 2003 go to that site and press the link in the left corner!
Posted by Jason Orme 25th August, 2003

get some pics
Posted by Joshtek 25th August, 2003

we want pics!
Posted by Patrick 26th August, 2003

ok, i give you pics then!
Posted by Patrick 26th August, 2003 a picture of the game! :D
Posted by Patrick 27th August, 2003

could you guys please try this game.. This is a good game!
Posted by Patrick 27th August, 2003

The Hill Gigas: thank you for the Review that you made :D
Posted by ChrisB 27th August, 2003

roofles: "Some thought that the player masturbate when you dont move with him..." Silly people. Nobody has balls that big. The game's funny though, maybe not intentionally at some points...
Posted by ChrisB 29th August, 2003

How do you reload? I really like this!
Posted by Patrick 30th August, 2003

press the space bottom to reload





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