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Carrot Crops
Author: Eric Submitted: 26th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 246

Edited By Eric on 3/3/2003

Edited By Eric on 2/27/2003

This is an old game of mine I never really released. I was going to upload it to the v-cade, but never did(still might if things go well). I'm sure everybody here has played a v-cade game, there short, and amusing games. In this game you are a carrot. You go around planting carrots and a gopher chases you, in which you must avoid. The game progressively gets harder and harder, with more gophers being appearing. The levels are also random. If anyone has played ultimate qix, this is somewhat like it.

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Posted by Eric 27th February, 2003

if u dont see the screenshots here, there also here
Posted by Galaxy613 27th February, 2003

This might be good... *Downloading
Posted by HOSJ 27th February, 2003

Isnt that... a worm?..
Posted by Eric 27th February, 2003

No, its dirt, that the carrot planted other carrots in.





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